• ADUC7034 Diagnostic current source


    The analog circuitry is very simple to clarify the issue.

    Both IIN+ and IIN- pins are connected to GND.

    ADC0CON = 0x8000; // (ADC enabled, Gain = 1).



    ADC's data are about 0. It's OK.

    Then I switch on the IIN…

  • ADUC7034, SPI without SCLK


    There are data on the MOSI output only if both SCLK and MOSI outputs are enabled in GP0CON.

    I would to have data on the MOSI, and to use the SCLK pin as a GPIO.

    Is it possible?



  • ADuC7034 atomic access to GPIO direction bits


    Is it possible to change a GPIO direction atomically (like outputs through GPxSET/GP2CLR regs)?

    Now I change GPxDAT register inside a critical section of code.

    It works, but may be I don't know something.



  • Can I check the direction of current with ADuC7034?

    Hi jihan park.

    I use ADuC7034

    Can I check the direction of current ?

    Let me know. please.


  • RE: CMRR of the Current channel ADC (ADUC703x)

    Hi Alex,

    I do not understand your comment on "absolute input range". This is for example in the ADuC7034 data-sheet specified on page 5. Also on the data-sheets for the other ADuC703x parts.



  • ADuC702x timers, synchronisation across asynchronous clock domains

    Is the information on the timers presented in the data sheet for the ADuC7034 applicable to the ADuC702x - specifically the sections "SYNCHRONIZATION OF TIMERS ACROSS ASYNCHRONOUS CLOCK DOMAINS" & Starting & Halting Timer 2? (Obviously Timer 4 or the…

  • When are bits in IRQSTA cleared?

    Could someone clarify when active bits in IRQSTA will be cleared on the ADuC7024, and whether the clearing behaviour is applicable to all bits?

    In another discussion it has been said "it is latched into IRQSTA  and the relevant bit in IRQSTA…

  • RE: ADUC703x - WU pin @ RESET

    Hi, Holger,

    It seems you've got a typo - the ADUC703_9_ has not a WU pin. Probably, you got a 7033 or 7034 chip?

    My test (I use ADUC7034) shows the same results.

    In addition, after reset, at start of my program, I check LVF flag (RAM is valid or…

  • 输入电压方位和绝对输入电压范围的差别


    Absolute input voltage range和input voltage range。


    Absolute input voltage range:4~18V

    Input voltage range:0~28.8V。


  • what is difference between Absolute input voltage range and input voltage range

    For ADUC(ARM7) family process, there are two parameters for ADC feature:

    Absolute input voltage range and input voltage range

    for example, ADUC7034, the ADC parameter for voltage channel is :

    Absolute input voltage range:4~18V

    Input voltage range…