• ADuC7028 Reset timing

    Hi there, I have a question about Rest timing about  ADuC7028.

    Is there a delay time to initialize GPIO pin from External Rest Low edge like the following figure?

    If so how much time is it? 

    Best regards,


  • Aduc7020 compatibility with Aduc7028

    Is Aduc7020 software  compatible with Aduc7028 without considering DAC, ADC and PWM.

  • ADuC7028/ADuC7029 - Is underfill required when using these packages?

    The ADuC7028 and ADuC7029 come in 64-Ball and 49-Ball BGA packages respectively.

    When mounting these devices on a PCB, is underfill required?

  • ADuC7028: Incorrect ADC values when clock is set to 41.78MHz - why?

    When the CPU clock is selected at 41.78MHz, the ADC can randomly return extremely large values. But when we set the CPU clock at 20.89MHz, we can not see this issue again. Can you explain the reason for this?

  • RE: ADuC7026 ECLK

    If you mean either P0.7 on all ADuC702x in general and pin E7 on a ADuC7028, than this is correct, but must be configured that way as explained on page 58.

  • Compatibility of  ADUC7020 with 7028

    Currently we are using Aduc7020 in our design.We are planning to change 7020 to 7028. As per datasheet internal architecture of both are same excluding the small difference in number of GPIOs. we are not using ADC& PWM portion of this processor.We want…

  • RE: Audc7028 ADC reading issue

    Hi Adam,

    Too early to jump to conclusions based on the evidence presented, the hunt is not over yet!

    I have translated what you have provided to date into assembly code, but cannot see the issue on an ADuC7026 (don’t have an ADuC7028 to hand to try…

  • RE: Cannot load Flash Programming Algorithm Aduc7026

    Yeah you're right, it's setup for an aduc7028.

    But it works at my desk with an aduc7026 board. (The 2 devices are from the same family so it doesn't make a difference which one is actually selected).

    I have 2 more suggestions. Do you have…

  • hardware question: is it possible to flash a memory without a debugger ? if so how?


    I have an ADuC7023. Is it possible to download the program to the uC not "through" debugger ??

    I checked the compatibility of ULINK 2 from KEIL, and as can be seen below ADuC7023 is not on that list. That is why I was wondering if…

  • RE: ADuC7026: When freq set to ~41MHz , DACs are not updated

    I took the dac example code provided and added the 3 lines of code to use 41mhz and I get a sine wave out.


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