• how to upload program from aduc7027

    i have connected aduc7027 through prflic 2303 usb to my pc
    plz help me
    how could i read program from aduc7027
    its in Chinese language i want to upload it than convert it in english n re download it in cpu

  • 请教关于aduc7027 PWM问题



  • AD8137: Terminate differential lines

    I am developing measuring system. I have to lead signal for quite long distance
    (400 mm) from OPAMs to AD. So I have decided to use differential lines. Lines
    are driven by AD8137 and conversion is done by ADuC7027.  How to correctly
  • RE: USB connection to ADUC7024

    Yes. You is right - can use BEAD also GND. I show universal converter just. It can use with different part (example I used it with Aduc848, ADUC7060, ADUC7027). I think what for senior project it will be fine. "For dowloader made special universal converter…

  • RE: ADuC7021 Intermittently comes out of reset.

    I have been like situation with ADUC7027. It was at two reasons.

    1) We don't have pull-Up resistor to 3.3V on BM pin (loading) chip.

    You need verify state chip. Maybe it is in loading state.

    2) We begin init for LCD I2C right away after Power…

  • Debugging for Aduc7060 in Keil

    I did debugging for Aduc7027  it was fine. But I do debugging for Aduc7060 now and have error:

    *** error 65: access violation at 0xFFFF0D04 : no 'read' permission

    and  *** error 65: access violation at 0xFFFF0D04 : no 'write' permission.…

  • ADI公司的PLC参考设计


    The PLC board is a complete Industrial Process Control Demo system. It has four
    isolated input channels and four isolated output channels. Total system accuracy
    is 0.05%. The input channels have 24 bit resolution (using A…
  • RE: JTAG daisy chain problem

    Hi Mike and Patrik,

    Thank you for your reply. I just did quick experiement by setting a fixed low frequnecy, 50KHz. It doesn't work either.  I measure the voltage of pin 1 of JTAG connector. It is around 3.3V. I also connect TRST signal to our target…

  • hardware question: is it possible to flash a memory without a debugger ? if so how?


    I have an ADuC7023. Is it possible to download the program to the uC not "through" debugger ??

    I checked the compatibility of ULINK 2 from KEIL, and as can be seen below ADuC7023 is not on that list. That is why I was wondering if…

  • [ADuC7026]BootMode pin require pull up with 1kOhm?


    ADuC7026 datasheet says about pin#20 (BM/P0.0/CMPOUT/PLAI[7]/MS0):

    Boot Mode.

    The ADuC7026/ADuC7027 enter UART download mode if BM is low at reset

    and execute code if BM is pulled high at reset through a 1 kΩ resistor

    But our eval board…