• Ram execution in ADUC7026

    How to execute code from SRAM in ADUC7026 Processor

  • hardware debuggers for aduc7026

    is there any hardware debuggers available for aduc7026 controllers...

  • RE: Help with AD5933

    Attached an example for the ADuC7026.

    Hope it helps


  • Can ADuC702xV1.2 & ADuC702xV1.3 be installed at the same time?

    Our previous ADuC7026 evaluation kits came with ADuC702xV1.2 installation software. Our most recent ADuC7026 evaluation kits came with ADuC702xV1.3 installation software.

    Can we have both versions installed under Windows XP/VISTA/7 at the same time and…

  • RE: ADIS16405 initializing.

    Information on the ADuC7026 is available on its product page. Go to www.analog.com and type "aduc7026" in the search box.  We have made no effort to test this reference code on any other processor, but hope that it serves as a useful example…

  • [ADuC7026]external Voltage reference device selection


    When I choose external reference for ADuC7026's ADC, which should I choose external Vref at the point of view about output current ?

    I cannot find a specification of external reference on ADuC7026 (Rev.F) datasheet.

    Thank you for your help…

  • RE: Application Note Trial

    Hello Nicky,

    I didn't try it on the evaluation board based ADuC7024. The platform I used is ADuC7026 + ADXL345. So the source code included in the app note is based ADuC7026.

    However, because it is the C code, you can use that code with ADuC7024…

  • RE: ADUC7026芯片唯一id号


  • ADIS16135 SPI Interface Configuration

    How do I configure the ADUC7026 to communicate with the SPI on the ADIS16135?

  • RE: microcontroller programming

    In principle this is relative easy to implement with a ARM based µC like the ADuC7026. Because all code in normally relative code. So you may only build a table with pointers for the function entries and than you can move around the functions freely in…