• ADuC7026 XMxPAR[15] behavior

    Hi All,

    According to datasheet(revF), setting XMxPAR[15] allows byte write capability without using BHE and BLE for two 8 bit memory sharing the same memory region.

    Now, I have following question about this behavior.

    When set XMxPAR as 0xF0FF and write…

  • Interfacing ADuC7026 with PC


    I am  interfacing microcontroller with PC using UART. PC will be running with a GUI. I want to show the status whether microcontroller is connected to PC or not in the GUI. Is there any standard procedure to detect whether microcontroller is connected…

  • Ram execution in ADUC7026

    How to execute code from SRAM in ADUC7026 Processor

  • hardware debuggers for aduc7026

    is there any hardware debuggers available for aduc7026 controllers...

  • ADuC7026 Sinking Current limit

    I have a technical question in regards to the ADuC7026.  The digital inputs does not state the allowable sinking current.  I have seen 1.6mA stated for the digital outputs so since these pins are Digital I/O pins I am assuming that the current sinking max…

  • ADuC7026 Microcontroller Reset -reg.

    We have used AduC7026 microcontroller with DS1233A IC to provide reset. It is observed that sometime controller goes to non-responsive state.  

    Please clarify that whether the external reset given by the DS1233A will override the internal reset generated…

  • ADuC7026 Serial download problem


    I'm working with the ADuC7026 and I'm experiencing problems when I try to download firmware through the UART. I'm using the ARMWSD tool and when I try to download the hex file (clicking start and then following the button sequence detailed in AN…

  • Some questions for your ADuC7026

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I came from you another site AD7794. And I got one source cord for AD7794's from you.

    We are controling for our product by your ADuC7026. So I refered your source code AD7794 to our development.
    The source code AD7794 you sent seem…

  • Analog input frequency to ADuC7026

    What is the maximum analog input frequency ADuC7026 can handle? Im planning to use frequency range of 1 MHz- 15 MHz for my system? Will ADuC7026 work fine in this frequency range?

  • Problem in programming ADuC7026

    I am trying to program ADuC 7026 through JTAG programmer (mIDAS-Link). First time it got programmed but second time its giving a peculiar problem regarding PC of target system. The screenshot of problem & test S/W code attached herewith. Kindly try to…