• ADuC7026 ECLK


    According to ADuC7026 datasheet,

    nRS signal rising time is specified 0-4ns delay than ECLK rising time.

    But the customer measured nRS rising time is about 5ns faster than external Xtal (40MHz) rising time.

    I would like to know:

    Each ECLK…

  • ADUC7026


     I am using ADUC7026 for designing data acquisition system. I am using programming tool ARMWSD for flash programming. I am following instruction as mentioned in application note for programming ADuC7XXXGetStartedGuideV0_4.pdf. I am always getting…

  • ADUC7026: Serial

    Download to the eval board is ok, trouble is with my board. Pulling down P0.0
    and power-cycling does not enter the programming mode but starts
    (preprogrammed) application. Reserved vector is 0x00000000 in this case.
    Writing 0xFFFFFFFF…
  • aduc7026 ADC中断




    Author        : ADI - Apps            www.analog.com/MicroConverter

    Date          : Sept. 2005

    File          : MultInt.c

    Hardware      : Applicable to ADuC702x rev H or I si…

  • api for aduc7026

    is there any api available for aduc7026......

  • ADuC7026 JTAG download

    I am trying to interface ADuC7026 with JTAG but the device is not getting recognized. On giving continuous reset (i.e. holding the reset pin low continuously) it is getting recognized. IOVDD, AVDD and VRef are all coming correctly as per the datasheet…

  • ADuC7026 SPI problem

    I cannot enable the SPI MISO line on my ADuC7026.  The SPI is configured in slave mode.  Using an oscilloscope, I see ~CS go low and the master start clocking SCLK.  I can successfully receive bytes on MOSI.  However, it appears that MISO is permanently stuck…

  • ADC of ADuC7026


    Could you please tell me the following questions?

    The ADC of ADuC7026 accepts an analog input range of 0 V to VREF(2.5V).

    But I want to use an analog input range of 0V to 3.3V.

    Is it possible to use an analog input of 0 to 3.3V?

    If it is possible…

  • aduc7026 ADC interrupt

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    I am using ADuc7026, and download the interruput code to the board, however the DAC doesn't output, and i wonder why.



    Author        : ADI - Apps            www.analog…

  • ADUC7026 evaluation board

    I am using ADUC7026 evaluation board for my testing. Keil uVision 3 which was supplied with kit i am using for build &load. I am using array of 580 (each of 1 byte) data and working fine. When i add one more array of 580 (1 byte each) values , i am able…