• PC tool for ADUC7026 flash memory program on factory path

    I look for a PC application/tool to program ADuC7026 micro controller's flash on factory path,
    using JTAG.
    I use uVision 4 to compile/debug/flash program for ADuC7026.
    But for factory path is not so good application for ADuC7026 flash program.


  • RE: I2C master and clock stretching on ADUC702x

    Hi all,

    I promised to be back with the screenplots: how it should be and how it works with the ADUC7026. ' ADUC7026 and clock stretching.pdf ' is attached.

    Have a great day.


  • Analog input frequency to ADuC7026

    What is the maximum analog input frequency ADuC7026 can handle? Im planning to use frequency range of 1 MHz- 15 MHz for my system? Will ADuC7026 work fine in this frequency range?

  • Some questions for your ADuC7026

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I came from you another site AD7794. And I got one source cord for AD7794's from you.

    We are controling for our product by your ADuC7026. So I refered your source code AD7794 to our development.
    The source code AD7794 you sent seem…

  • api for aduc7026

    is there any api available for aduc7026......

  • Semi-Hosting

    Does the Aduc7026 support semi-hosting??

  • ADUC7026: Serial

    Download to the eval board is ok, trouble is with my board. Pulling down P0.0
    and power-cycling does not enter the programming mode but starts
    (preprogrammed) application. Reserved vector is 0x00000000 in this case.
    Writing 0xFFFFFFFF…
  • ADC of ADuC7026


    Could you please tell me the following questions?

    The ADC of ADuC7026 accepts an analog input range of 0 V to VREF(2.5V).

    But I want to use an analog input range of 0V to 3.3V.

    Is it possible to use an analog input of 0 to 3.3V?

    If it is possible…

  • ADuC7026 ECLK


    According to ADuC7026 datasheet,

    nRS signal rising time is specified 0-4ns delay than ECLK rising time.

    But the customer measured nRS rising time is about 5ns faster than external Xtal (40MHz) rising time.

    I would like to know:

    Each ECLK…

  • RE: Could not find supported CPU core on JTAG chain

    Have you checked the pin of the ADuC7026 with a scope?