• How can i find the detail information of the aduc7026 register

    I find the data sheet of "ADuC7019/20/21/22/24/25/26/27/28/29" can not has detail explanation, How can i find the detail information of the aduc7026 about its registers?

  • ADUC7026: Serial

    Download to the eval board is ok, trouble is with my board. Pulling down P0.0
    and power-cycling does not enter the programming mode but starts
    (preprogrammed) application. Reserved vector is 0x00000000 in this case.
    Writing 0xFFFFFFFF to the reserved…

  • Lost License info of existing MIDAS Programming Adapter for ADUC7026

    We have a midas jlINK PROGRAMMER ADAPTER together with a ADUC7026QSZ Demo Kit
    in routine use. Today, we lost the license key number of our ADuC 7024 EVAL QSZ
    package and urgently need new one to continue R&D Work. This happened during a

  • ADuC7026 SPI Slave MISO

    Everything works great except MISO.  I'm doing a 4 byte frame and load SPITX after each SPIRx byte is received but only the SPITX byte loaded before the master starts is returned.  It is returned 4 times even though I put a new value in SPITX after…

  • RE: ADUC7026


    Can you check if the board is connected to COM1? If you are using windows, this can be checked at Device manager > Ports



  • Is there a reference design to use the ADXL345 with the ADuc7026 as a fall detector?

    No it did not help

  • RE: ADUC7026处理速度问题

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  • Help!!Why ADuC7026 PWM Output is so weird?


    I Want to Generate 200KHz Square Wave Using The ADuC7026 PWM Module,The Clock Configured for the ADuC7026 is 41.78MHz.

    The PWM Initialization Code is:


    The Wave Output on the PWM0L is:

    That is So Weird!

    So,What is the Problem?

    Would you like to…

  • RE: ADuC7026 Sinking Current limit

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