• ADuC7024 - SPICON bits clarification

    I'm after clarification on the meaning of two bits in SPICON of the ADuC7024 as the data sheet (Rev D) is not clear.

    Is there any plan to roll out an errata sheet or Rev E data sheet to correct all known errors and omissions? I was told that several…

  • I2C hangup with aduc7024?

    We are using an ADUC 7024 in a simulator, which is connected via RS232/USB with a PC under labview.

    The aduc receives the signal from 4 pressure sensors via I2C.

    Sometimes it happens, that the i2C is hanging up. Reset doesn't help. Only switching off…

  • RE: Running RTX on ADuC7024

    Thanks. I will try to seek help from Keil tech support, too. The promised RTX Blinky example for ADuC70xx series never came with Keil uVision5 and actually Keil has removed their support for ADuC70xx. I had to install a separate Legacy Device Database…

  • ADUC7024 & IAR & J-Link


    I am having problems downloading the compiled code into flash memory of ADUC7024, my design. Can somebody give me a hint about my wrong-doing?

    I use IAR KickStart development kit, version 4.42, which came in a bundle with the development kit STR750…

  • RE: ADuC7024 DACREF Question

    The requirement of the DAC output buffers needing the internal reference was fixed before the release of revision I silicon.

    ER001 is not an issue on the latest parts.

  • ADuC7024 ADC - Misc questions


    I have a few questions regarding the behaviour of the ADC peripheral on the ADuC7024 that I hope can be commented on:

    i) After an ADC conversion has completed (ADCReady = 1) are the contents of bits 0 to 15 in ADCDAT all 0 or other/undefined…

  • ADuC7024 Wake-up timer

    Hello, has anyone used the wake-up timer to bring a nap mode ADuC7024 back to its active mode?My testing codes are like below. When I comment out the line “PLL_OSC_CON_EnterPowerMode(OPERATING_MODE_NAP_MODE);”, My LED blinks correctly. However, the LED…

  • ADuC7024 flash partition for nvdata

    I am looking for guidance on how to manage one partition of the on chip flash memory for calibration data and in field re-calibration without wiping out the user program code.

  • RE: ADXL 345 Development Board - Real Time Data


    Hi Aris,

    The UART can be used for both programming the board and communication. So, it is definitely OK to use them to do the communication with PC. You just need to use the UART of ADUC7024.



  • Reading ADC0 through ADC5 on ADuC7024

    To whom it may concern,

    I am looking for some C code to read 6 channels of ADC on the ADuC7024 (ADC0 through ADC5).  Need to read each at 100Hz sample rate.