• RE: Keil uVision 3 vs uVision 4

    Have you enabled the generation of a new HEX-file and did you use the new outfile name "FreeFall.hex" to download to the AduC7024?

  • mIDAS-Link

    I see I need a mIDAS-Link to debug the Analog Devices ADuC7024.  What is this and where do I get it?

  • RE: An issue of temperature sensor of ADuC7024

    Could you post your ADCCON and other ADC configuration register settings?

    Could you also post your code for reading the temperature value?

    Note, the internal temperature sensor measures the die temperature and not the ambient temperature. Therefore…

  • Running I2CWSD.exe as a command line for ADuC7023


    I need to automatically download a firmware into an ADuC7023 through the USB-I2C/LIN-CONV-Z dongle. To do so I want to run the I2CWSD.exe program as a command line. Formerly we used a program called ARMWSD.exe to do the same thing with the ADuC7024…

  • Can we use single PWM0H instead of using PWM0H/0L pair in ADuC7024?

    dear sir,

             i am working on ADuC7024.i have a doubt on using of PWM channels in ADuC7024.i need only one PWM o/p for my project(i.e., Any one of PWM0H or PWM0L). Can i use the PWM0H instead of using PWM0H/0L pair. In data sheet, they used pair of PWM0H…

  • RE: SPISTA register is not working as expected

    Ok. I'd be interested to know if this applied to any other devices, specifically the ADuC7024 although this part probably has a different implementation of the SPI peripheral.

  • Could you clarify how to connect an external reference to the ADuC7024 part?

    Could you clarify how to connect an external reference to the ADuC7024 part?

    Could you also clarify the correct MMR settings for an external reference?

  • Running RTX on ADuC7024

    Hi. Can any expert give me an example showing how to setup RTX on ADuC7024 using Keil uVision? Based on what I have figured out so far, I understand I need to:

    1. Import the SWI_Handler function (provided by RTX) In my startup file ADuC702x.s

    2. Copy…

  • RE: USB connection to ADUC7024

    For a USB-Connection you need a USB-to-UART Interface - please see i.e. the schematics of our CN0221where we use a FTDI for that purpose.

  • RE: ADuC7024 DACREF Question

    The requirement of the DAC output buffers needing the internal reference was fixed before the release of revision I silicon.

    ER001 is not an issue on the latest parts.