• Running RTX on ADuC7024

    Hi. Can any expert give me an example showing how to setup RTX on ADuC7024 using Keil uVision? Based on what I have figured out so far, I understand I need to:

    1. Import the SWI_Handler function (provided by RTX) In my startup file ADuC702x.s

    2. Copy…

  • ADuC7024 Wake-up timer

    Hello, has anyone used the wake-up timer to bring a nap mode ADuC7024 back to its active mode?My testing codes are like below. When I comment out the line “PLL_OSC_CON_EnterPowerMode(OPERATING_MODE_NAP_MODE);”, My LED blinks correctly. However, the LED…

  • I2C hangup with aduc7024?

    We are using an ADUC 7024 in a simulator, which is connected via RS232/USB with a PC under labview.

    The aduc receives the signal from 4 pressure sensors via I2C.

    Sometimes it happens, that the i2C is hanging up. Reset doesn't help. Only switching off…

  • ADuC7024 - SPI Master Mode Timing, tDAV

    I've checked the ADuC7024 SPI timing in Master Mode. With the MMR settings below I get the scope trace shown below. The MOSI signal measured changing 89ns after a SCLK falling edge. According to Table 7 and Figure 7 on page 13 of the ADuC7024 data sheet…

  • ADuC7024 Build Environment - Keil uvision ?

    Recently I had to make some software changes to a piece of software that was located on a computer running an old version of Keil uvision.  I installed the newer uvision 4, and brought the project files over.  The C code didn't compile.  I ended up running…

  • Understanding UART TX behaviour on ADuC7024

    Could you expand on the operation of the UART transmit behaviour (when not in network addressable mode) given in the data sheet, specifically the buffering (if any) of transmit data and also status bits relating to the transmit buffer/register being full…

  • EVAL-ADXL345Z-DB Micro ADuC7024

    The microcontroller, the one on the evaluation boards EVAL-ADXL345Z-DB  and EVAL-ADuC7024QSZ appears to be the ADuC7024BCPZ62I3I.


    What is the difference is to ADuC7024BCPZ62 ?


    Thank you.


  • ADuC7024 flash partition for nvdata

    I am looking for guidance on how to manage one partition of the on chip flash memory for calibration data and in field re-calibration without wiping out the user program code.

  • Reading ADC0 through ADC5 on ADuC7024

    To whom it may concern,

    I am looking for some C code to read 6 channels of ADC on the ADuC7024 (ADC0 through ADC5).  Need to read each at 100Hz sample rate.

  • ADUC7024 chip dead and data missing

    The masters, please help this newer in aduc world. I'll appreciate you if you would or could help me.

          When I'm using aduc7024, I met some problems which I tried to solve by different method for days but  with no replays. When I use a higher frequency…