• Debug ADXL345/ADXL346 Development Board

    I would like to debug the ADXL345/ADXL346 evaluation board (ADuC7024) using


    There is no JTAG interface on the ADXL345Z-DB board to debug the ADUC7024.
  • RE: Application Note Trial

    Hello Nicky,

    I didn't try it on the evaluation board based ADuC7024. The platform I used is ADuC7026 + ADXL345. So the source code included in the app note is based ADuC7026.

    However, because it is the C code, you can use that code with ADuC7024…

  • Code signature FEESIGN on ADuC7xxx

    How is the 24-bit code signature calculated in the FEESIGN MMR of an ADuC7024?

  • ADuC7024 ADC0

    I'm using the ADuC7024 ADC ch 0.  Code is similar to what's in the sample code

    ADCON = 0x7E3;

    while( !ADCSTA) {  }

    y1 = ADCDAT >> 16;

    I found ADC output for a 2V input to be about correct; but for 1V input, I only get half the digital…

  • ADuC7024 RTOS

    Hi all,

    has anybody experience with a RTOS on ADuC7024? Does it make sense for a small monitoring application to use a RTOS on this small device? Simple endless loop + interrupts to handle real-time stuff shouldn't it be be OK? Any other idea/suggestion…

  • RE: Program ADuC7024 to repurpose ADXL345 Inertial Sensor Development Board

    I'd recommend in that future that if you add long code like that, that you just attach it in a file.

    The ADXL board wasn't done by the microcontroller group so we can't offer specific help related to that board, just generic help related to the aduc7024…

  • ADuC7024 Page erase indexed by FEEADR = 0x8F7FF Allowed?

    On the ADuC7024 is it acceptable to specify an address of 0x8F7FF in the FEEADR MMR when performing a page erase or does anomaly err022 disallow this?

  • RE: Keil uVision 3 vs uVision 4

    Have you enabled the generation of a new HEX-file and did you use the new outfile name "FreeFall.hex" to download to the AduC7024?

  • RE: Audc7028 ADC reading issue

    Hi Adam,

    can you please check the thread "Reading ADC0 through ADC5 on ADuC7024"

    :-) MMA