• ADuC7024 RTOS

    Hi all,

    has anybody experience with a RTOS on ADuC7024? Does it make sense for a small monitoring application to use a RTOS on this small device? Simple endless loop + interrupts to handle real-time stuff shouldn't it be be OK? Any other idea/suggestion…

  • ADuC7024 ADC0

    I'm using the ADuC7024 ADC ch 0.  Code is similar to what's in the sample code

    ADCON = 0x7E3;

    while( !ADCSTA) {  }

    y1 = ADCDAT >> 16;

    I found ADC output for a 2V input to be about correct; but for 1V input, I only get half the digital…

  • ADuC7024 DACREF Question


    Anomaly document REV. 0.26, er001 for the for ADuC702x says:

    "1) The DAC  buffer needs the internal reference to be powered up and stable, i.e. connected  to an external capacitor.  This means that we cannot use the ADC with external reference…

  • ADuC7024 ADC - Misc questions


    I have a few questions regarding the behaviour of the ADC peripheral on the ADuC7024 that I hope can be commented on:

    i) After an ADC conversion has completed (ADCReady = 1) are the contents of bits 0 to 15 in ADCDAT all 0 or other/undefined…

  • ADuC7024 PLL Lock

    In the data sheet for the ADuC7024 it says the core stops executing when the PLL loses lock

    "When the internal PLL loses lock, the clock source is removed by a gating circuit from the CPU, and the ARM7TDMI core stops executing code until the PLL regains…

  • USB connection to ADUC7024

    Hello All,

    For my senior project, I will be using the ADUC7024, ADXL345, and various other components to create a fall detection system. I will be designing a custom PCB to meet my design requirements, and I wanted to verify the connection between the…

  • ADUC7024 & IAR & J-Link


    I am having problems downloading the compiled code into flash memory of ADUC7024, my design. Can somebody give me a hint about my wrong-doing?

    I use IAR KickStart development kit, version 4.42, which came in a bundle with the development kit STR750…

  • ADuC7024 - SPICON bits clarification

    I'm after clarification on the meaning of two bits in SPICON of the ADuC7024 as the data sheet (Rev D) is not clear.

    Is there any plan to roll out an errata sheet or Rev E data sheet to correct all known errors and omissions? I was told that several…

  • ARM7TDMI Version for ADuC7024

    From the ARM infocentre in seems there are two versions of the ARM7TDMI, a Rev 4 and 3. Is the ADuC7024 a version 3 based device, as the data sheet references the Technical Reference Manual DDI0029G?

    The online Technical Reference Manual and Product…

  • ADCBUSY pin on ADuC7024

    On the ADuC7024 I have tried using P0.5 to output the ADCBUSY signal, but it doesn't seem to interact correctly with bit 6 (Enable ADCBUSY) of ADCCON.

    I set GP0CON to 0x00100000 to map ADCBUSY to P0.5 then set ADCCON = 0x00000620 to power up the…