• RE: 3 lead ECG

    Thank you very much Roberto, that helped!

    For digital part I will require MCU and RF transceiver (for wirless transmission). I have been going through different ICs and found out that System on Chips like ADF7242 and CC2530(Texas Instrument) provide…

  • RE: If using an ADI micorcontroller in a LFCSP package, how do I connect the exposed paddle on the underside of the package on my PCB?

    On the following parts, the exposed paddle is used for mechanical stability and should be connected to a large pad on your PCB but, this pad should not be connected to ground or any other track:

    ADuC7019, ADuC7020, ADuC7021, ADuC7022, ADuC7023, ADuC7024…

  • hardware question: is it possible to flash a memory without a debugger ? if so how?


    I have an ADuC7023. Is it possible to download the program to the uC not "through" debugger ??

    I checked the compatibility of ULINK 2 from KEIL, and as can be seen below ADuC7023 is not on that list. That is why I was wondering if…

  • RE: EVAL-ADuC7020MKZ Mini-Kit Programming/Debug with IAR EWB?

    Here attached now the main part of the Hands-On-Training from 2005.

    The board shown is the regular ADuC7020 board, but it will work the same way with the AduC7020 MiniKIt.

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  • RE: ADuC7023燒入問題