• ADUC7022 flash

    Is there a way to access the flash memory on the ADuc7022 using the UART or I2C, i.e. can the contents of the flash be read or written to without using the JTAG programming mode? If so, what can be done to prevent this?

  • ADuC7022 IBIS Model?

    Are there any IBIS models for the ADuC7022?  In this case, I am primarily interested in the SPI signals. Thank you!

  • ADuC7022 Programming question

    Could you support to solve the program issue?

    We try to program ADuC7022 , used IC adaptor and made reference circuit circuit board ADuc7020 development tool  for programming tool  as circuit Annex1, the connecting PC UART Port execution ARMWSD software, …

  • ADUC7022 Timer3 Sleep Mode Wakeup

    Could you provide some example code for waking the microcontroller form sleep using timer3 interrupt?

    Since PLL is not started could this be started safely in the interrupt?

    Is this a valid ?

    __irq void IRQ_Handler (void) 



  • ADUC7022, Problem at Flash programming through JTAG


    We're implementing programming support of Flash for device from subject. And
    we're faced with some issue, see description below:

    1. After power-on device we can read ID register via JTAG successfully.
    2. Enter scan chain 2, which…

  • RE: If using an ADI micorcontroller in a LFCSP package, how do I connect the exposed paddle on the underside of the package on my PCB?

    On the following parts, the exposed paddle is used for mechanical stability and should be connected to a large pad on your PCB but, this pad should not be connected to ground or any other track:

    ADuC7019, ADuC7020, ADuC7021, ADuC7022, ADuC7023, ADuC7024…

  • RE: ADUC7020 eval. board software

    Board Type : ADuC7020 Eval. Board Rev A2.  QuickStart Plus.

    I searched installed directory (ADuC7XXXV0.2) and (/Keil/Arm/Boards/ADI/ADuc702x), but I can't find board related source codes.

    When I power on Eval-ADuC7022, I got Eval Board Test Program…

  • Using flash memory for non volatile variables

    I want to write some variables to non-volatile flash. I am using a ADuC7022. The address is 0x80000 to flash memory. My hex file is 6450 bytes. The first 2k byes of flash is firmware. Can I just write near the end of flash memory so it will never get…

  • RE: 3 lead ECG

    Thank you very much Roberto, that helped!

    For digital part I will require MCU and RF transceiver (for wirless transmission). I have been going through different ICs and found out that System on Chips like ADF7242 and CC2530(Texas Instrument) provide…

  • ADuC 702x external voltage reference Vref


    I am planning on using the ADuC702x MCU for an application (aduc7022 specifically, first time using this mcu).

    I expect an analog input from the range of 0V - 3.3V. However I see that the ADuC702x has an internal 2.5V Vref, reference voltage…