• ADUC7021 pll问题


    External Crystal Selection

    To switch to external crystal, clear the OSEL bit in the PLLCON MMR (see Table 32). In noisy environments, noise might couple to the external crystal pins and PLL could lose…

  • RE: Is it possible to route PWM0H output to an external pin on the ADuC7021?

    Yes, this is possible.

    The pin-out of the ADuC7021 is slightly different to the ADuC7020.

    The following code will work for the ADuC7021:

    GP1CON = 0x30000003;

    GP3CON = 0x30000001;

    GP4CON = 0x30000003;

    PWMCON = 0x1;                     //Enables PWM output


  • RE: EVAL-ADuC7020MKZ Mini-Kit Programming/Debug with IAR EWB?

    Here attached now the main part of the Hands-On-Training from 2005.

    The board shown is the regular ADuC7020 board, but it will work the same way with the AduC7020 MiniKIt.

  • ADUC7021 can not download to flash memory

    Hi,Everyone , I got a problem in recently.

    Why the same conditional of hard ware can not programming?

    I try to remove and re-soldering ECU ,but it still show the message again.

    I check circuit no short and open and also check clock frequency is 32…

  • ADuC7021 Intermittently comes out of reset.

    Hello team,

    We have a device that uses the ADuC7021.  We have recently released the device to production.  Now that large numbers of these devices are being manufactured, we are discovering that about 3-5% of them are not coming out of reset on power-up…

  • ADuC7021上电异常



    • 程序没有运行;
    • 几乎所有I/O管脚(至少是我引出的管脚)输出都为高电平。



    • 只有当板子的供电与电源模块一直相连,闭合电源模块上电时才会发生该异常;
    • 若电源模块已上电,通过拔插板子与电源模块的供电线的方式让板子上电则70…
  • RE: If using an ADI micorcontroller in a LFCSP package, how do I connect the exposed paddle on the underside of the package on my PCB?

    On the following parts, the exposed paddle is used for mechanical stability and should be connected to a large pad on your PCB but, this pad should not be connected to ground or any other track:

    ADuC7019, ADuC7020, ADuC7021, ADuC7022, ADuC7023, ADuC7024…

  • RE: ADuC7021 downloads once, unable to halt after that

    It would be more helpful to send your complete project folder as a zip-file. As I assume, and experience proves it, that there is some kind of error in the exception handling of your project blocking the core and JTAG.

  • Could I use the PLA in 7021 when it is in boot mode

    Hi, I was using the ADuC7021 controller. I was planning to use a RS485 driver to interface with an external device.However most of the 485 drivers dont have autodirection features that is it cant transmit or recive automatically. So i was trying to use…

  • Is it possible to use the ARMWSD.exe serial downloader over RS485?

    I am using an ADuC7021 on a board that is available in two configurations: RS232 and RS485. I presumed that the bootloader would work on both versions of the board, as none of the documentation I could find said it wouldn't.

    While the blackspace…