• ADuC7021 thermal performance

    Our customer want to analysis ADuC7021 thermal performance need know the
    case-junction temperature parameter. Would you please let me know the related
    1. Case to Junction Thermal resistance?
    2. How long is the life time while chip…

  • ADUC7021 KEIL5 Project

    您好,我用keil5.25,做了一个简单的应用,然后rebuild all files之后,出现以下的error,麻烦告诉我怎么做?谢谢。如下:

    *** Using Compiler 'V5.06 update 6 (build 750)', folder: 'D:\Program files\KEIL\ARM\ARMCC\Bin'
    Rebuild target 'Target 1'
    assembling ADuC702x.s...
    compiling UART2…

  • RE: Need a second UART in an ADuC7021. Is there any soft UART code for this device?

    Is the .c file still available for the software UART on the ADuC7023? I don't see it in this thread.

  • ADUC7021测试看门狗复位后不能用J-LINK 进行调试

    你好! 调试ADUC7021,程序中不使用看门狗,程序正常。当我开启看门狗后,程序里面没有定时喂狗(T3CLRI=1,没有使用写保护),程序按定时的时间复位,此时退出调试模式后,重新上电后用J-LING进入调试模式,程序无法进入 .从此这块电路板再也不能用J-LING进行调试,也就是说,只要我开看门狗,程序出现一次异常看门狗复位一次,我的电路板再也不能进行调试和使用了。请帮我看下怎么解决。多谢了

  • Damaged Code on ADuC7021


    we are using a custom board with ADuC7021. We use page 120  as user space. This page is written every once in a while (say, every day 1 time)

    We had some user complains about losing settings. They probably turned off the device after erasing the…

  • ADUC7023和ADUC7021/22/2x的区别




  • RE: ADuC7021上电异常




  • RE: ADuC7021 Intermittently comes out of reset.

    Try examining the envelope of the external crystal an make sure you are switching from internal to external oscillator at a point where the amplitude of the external oscillator signals are sufficient. Consider the loading effect of the scope probes when…

  • ADUC7021 pll问题


    External Crystal Selection

    To switch to external crystal, clear the OSEL bit in the PLLCON MMR (see Table 32). In noisy environments, noise might couple to the external crystal pins and PLL could lose…