• RE: ADUC7021 :general purpose register address.

    I have proper SW running for I2C. I am able to access registers from ADUC7021 through FPGA via I2C. My confusion is that where I can get the register details of ADUC7021 like 0x0 register is version register, 0x1 is die temperature register.

  • RE: Need a second UART in an ADuC7021. Is there any soft UART code for this device?

    The appended .c file is for the ADuC7023.

    However, you should only need to change the header file called to ADuC7021.h

  • ADUC7023和ADUC7021/22/2x的区别




  • RE: ADC is not working properly in ADuC7021

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  • RE: SPI slave chip select problem

    If you do not use the /CS signal you have no control about start and stop of a frame.

    You may use a GPIO from the ADuC7021 itself to toggle the /CS, but still there is a potential problem if you have noise on the SPICLK. This can cause a extra bit shift…

  • ADuC702x: Tying off unused GPIO pins

    We are using the ADUC7021 in a reference design.  We are not planning on using pins 18 and 21.  Do you see any issues tying these pins directly to VDD?

  • Ucos code run on aduc7021?


    Could you please help provid the ucos II/III code run on ADuC7021?

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  • ADuC7021 thermal performance

    Our customer want to analysis ADuC7021 thermal performance need know the
    case-junction temperature parameter. Would you please let me know the related
    1. Case to Junction Thermal resistance?
    2. How long is the life time…
  • Damaged Code on ADuC7021


    we are using a custom board with ADuC7021. We use page 120  as user space. This page is written every once in a while (say, every day 1 time)

    We had some user complains about losing settings. They probably turned off the device after erasing the…

  • ADUC7021 pll问题


    External Crystal Selection

    To switch to external crystal, clear the OSEL bit in the PLLCON MMR (see Table 32). In noisy environments, noise might couple to the external crystal pins and PLL could lose…