• permanent flash write for ADuC7020


    I'm using an ADuC7020 evaluation board. I run my program through the serial down-loader of IAR Embedded Workbench IDE (through ARMWSD tool ).

    Presently, i am only able to run my program as long as i keep the program running in the Debug mode…

  • Aduc7020 can't enable IRQ0-IRQ1


    I'am working on project where I have EVAL Aduc7020MKZ and MMA8452Q Accelerometer. Accelerometr can send interrupts when data ready. I'am using pins 20(IRQ0) and 21(IRQ1) for handling external interrupts. The problem is that I can't set IRQEN variable…

  • Re: ADuC7020 Serial Download problem

    i want to download hex file into aduc7026 using uart serial down loader armwsd.. but after the "press download and pulse reset button" it was not responding.................

    please solve my problem

  • Start Up Time on ADuC7020

    The power up time for the core on the 7020 according to the datasheet is 300ms (CD = 0). Is this time defined as the time taken for the Firmware to start executing. My application is running at CD = 1. Does the power up time remain the same @ 20.89 Mhz…

  • Programming the ADuC7020 in production

    I’m trying to find out what uC programmers are available to program the 7020 out of circuit using some kind of PROM burner or in-circuit using JTAG lines.  Do you have any recommendations?

  • ADuC7020, serial downloading for internal Flash.


    It is just a confirmation on ADuC7020 serial downloading, that datasheet said <The ADuC7019/20/21/22/24/25/26/27/28/29 facilitate code download via the standard UART serial port or via the I2C port.> at page.47.

    Here, it is not obvious what…

  • 新手咨询ADUC7020 PWM问题

    我想用ADUC7020产生三路PWM,并输出,但是7020能配置成PWM的管教只有P3.0-P3.7,按我的理解,PLA的  block2产生三路PWM,一路通过PLA block2 的ELEMENT15引到block1的 P0.4,P0.5,P0.6,P0.7,P1.7,P2.0中的某一个IO口输出), 一路通过PLA block2 的P4.2输出,第三路不知道怎么输出了?

  • aduc7020如何下载程序



    2. 使用类似于51的那种USB转ttl的能不能下载,下载软件是ARMSWD吗?

  • ADUC7020 JTAG 连接不上

    我在使用JTAG仿真器尝试连接7020时,总是连接不上,以下 是SEGGER J-FLASH软件里面connect后提示的信息,正常情况下,RESET脚也不是必须连接的吧?,目前20PIN的JTAG里面就接了 TCK TDI TMS TDO VCC这几要线

    - J-Link firmware: J-Link ARM V8 compiled Jan 31 2018 18:34:52
    - Device "ADUC7020X62" selected.
    - Target interface…

  • Which I2C events trigger an interrupt on ADUC7020

    As far as I understand an interrupt is triggered when transmitting and receiving bytes on the ADUC7020 if the SM_MASTER1_BIT is enabled. Are there any other events I2C events that triggers an interrupt, i.e. a tx fifo underflow?