• ADuC7020 ADC error

    void Adc_Interrupt(void)
    AdCnvDat[0] = (ADCDAT>>16) & 0xfff;

    float GetADC(void)
    return (float)AdCnvDat[0];

    void application(void)
    while (1)
       printf("RAW : %d\t VOLT : %4.2f\r\n",(int)GetADC(),Conv_hex_to_vot(GetADC…

  • ADuC7020 temperature sensor calculation


    Is there an equation for calculating the the Celcius temperature from the output of ADCDAT?  The example calculation from the ADuC7020 datasheet page 50 is only accurate at room temperature.  As the temperature reaches 80C in the test chamber, the…

  • An  issue about ADuc7020

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am using ADuc7020, when i Invoke  dac.h, appearing below error:

    C:\Keil\ARM\INC\ADI\dac.h(43): error:  #101: "s_DAC_Channel" has already been declared in the current scope

    C:\Keil\ARM\INC\ADI\dac.h:   typedef struct s_DAC_Channel…

  • 115200 baud with ADUC7020

    Hi all, hi  EckartH and MMA,

    iam use the AduC7060 with 100K boud  on serialport propblemless, but in last times

    i use the AduC7020 and iam don't understod the fraction registervalue. I think

    the part generate boudrates they are not selectable in…

  • ADuC7020: Question on REMAP functionality

    Does ADuC7020 REMAP.0 remap the entire SRAM or just interrupt vector table portion?

    Specifically, ADuC7020.SRAM(00010000h:00011FFFh) to 00000000h:00001FFFh? Or ADuC7020.SRAM(00010000h:0000001Fh) to 000010000h:0001001Fh?

  • The Question for ADuC7020 download program

    we adopted ADuC7020 and ADM101E for the program download from Keil to ADuC7020.The schematic of circuit as follows:

    when we download the program to the chip.we turn BM/P0.0 from high level to low level,as shown from 1 to 2 in Figure.but the software…

  • keil4 ADUC7020 中断问题






    void IRQ_Handler(void) __irq;  // IRQ Function Prototype

    void delay(int lengh);


    void SysClkInit…

  • ADuC7020 P4.0 External Interrupt

    I have observed that P0.4 is an active high IRQ.  Is there any way to configure this to be edge sensitive?  Any example code to do this?

    Thank you, Bob

  • UART baudrate issue in ADUC7020

    Hi I have a question:

    I  am running aduc7020 with 1 MHz with CD bit 5. I set the dL=4 according  to that for 9600 baudrate. but it doesn't work. On datasheet it never  mention about the CD = 5.

    Can you throw some light on this.


  • Compatibility of  ADUC7020 with 7028

    Currently we are using Aduc7020 in our design.We are planning to change 7020 to 7028. As per datasheet internal architecture of both are same excluding the small difference in number of GPIOs. we are not using ADC& PWM portion of this processor.We want…