• ADUC7020


    I am not able to communicate with my ADUC7020 evaluation kit through hyperterminal. I mean I always land up getting junk character and that also at a baud rate of 4800. Can someone help me?



  • Capturing LVDS ADuC7020

    Hallo Support,

    i want to capture/count an LVDS(LowVoltageDifferenceSignal)  by ~50[Khz] iam not sure what is the best way

    todo that, first think i start an timer irq and count the p3-x states.

    Give it an beter solution or an example for that on  ADu…

  • ADuC7020 DAC output

    I'm a real beginner. I have bought my first eval board for ADuc7020.

    When i try to set DAC0 output to 460mV, it's value is 570mV DC ! moreover, it 's AC value is many hundred mV (800KHz).

    This output have no load.

    With KEIL simulator,…

  • About ADuC7020 __irq & __fiq

    When I build the ADuC7020 program,there are some problems about " __fiq" and "__irq",the build output info as follows:

    common.h(107): error:  #130: expected a "{"

    line 107 :void FIQ_Handler(void) __fiq ;

    It will be ok when…

  • ADuC7020 Serial Download problem

    I am having problem getting the ADuC7020 to perform serial download using UART.  I believe I have properly set the processor into the serial download mode by holding the BM pin low, then reseting the processor, then releasing the BM pin to High.  After…

  • ADUC7020 eval. board software

    I bought ADUC7020 evaluation board. I am looking for ADI ADUC7020 Test Routine Program file.

    Can you tell me what I find that related files?


  • Aduc7020 compatibility with Aduc7028

    Is Aduc7020 software  compatible with Aduc7028 without considering DAC, ADC and PWM.

  • ADuC7020: Spec marking

    Could you please help to provide the spec marking of ADI : ADUC7120BBCZ-RL


    Please find the below response from the product line:
    C50 means C = 3rd silicon, 5 = I2C downloader, 0 = first open release.

  • ADUC7020 -  CAN Bus Protocol?

    ADUC7020 -  Has the implementation of a CAN Bus Protocol been examined?

  • AdUc7020 Test socket

    Is there any test/burn-in socket for AdUc7020bcpz62, lfcsp 40 case ?