• RE: ADuC7019 XCLKI pin

    The XCKLI should be connected to GND if not used.

  • RE: ADCBUSY pin on ADuC7024

    The ADCBUSY enable bit in ADCCON is ignored on all ADuC702x devices, ADuC7019 to ADuC7029, including the ADuC7023.

  • RE: ADuC7023燒入問題


  • RE: Looking for  a basic microcontroller with integrated ADC

    Hi Eamon,

    Another option is ADuC70xx series parts that contain a 12bit SAR ADC, 2.5V internal reference and ARM 7 Core. ADuC7019/7020 is recommended.

  • Is it possible to route PWM0H output to an external pin on the ADuC7021?

    The ADuC7019/20/21/22/24/25/26/27/28/29 datasheet shows how to route the PWM0H output to an external pin on the ADuC7020 using the PLA.

    But, this doesn't work for the ADuC7021. Is there another way?

  • RE: If using an ADI micorcontroller in a LFCSP package, how do I connect the exposed paddle on the underside of the package on my PCB?

    On the following parts, the exposed paddle is used for mechanical stability and should be connected to a large pad on your PCB but, this pad should not be connected to ground or any other track:

    ADuC7019, ADuC7020, ADuC7021, ADuC7022, ADuC7023, ADuC7024…

  • SPI master speed limit


    ADUC7019/20 Rev. C  Page 69   datasheet points out that spi speed limit is 3.48 Mb in master mode with CD =0  and SPIDIV = 5.

    What is this limit?

    What will happen if I set SPIDIV = 4?

    I need higher  speed.


  • ADUC7023和ADUC7021/22/2x的区别




  • RE: ADuC7020: What is the minimum width of an external Reset Pulse?

    Because the ADuC7019/20/21/22/24/25/26/27/28/29 and ADuC7128/7129 parts have a Glitch immunity filter on their reset input circuitry, the minimum pulse width of an external reset signal should be 120uS to safely reset the part.

    Note, the ADuC7023/ADuC7060…

  • hardware question: is it possible to flash a memory without a debugger ? if so how?


    I have an ADuC7023. Is it possible to download the program to the uC not "through" debugger ??

    I checked the compatibility of ULINK 2 from KEIL, and as can be seen below ADuC7023 is not on that list. That is why I was wondering if…