• ADT7470: Can I perform a temperature readback of ADT7470 while in automatic fan control mode?

    Is it possible to perform a temperature readback of ADT7470 while in automatic
    fan control mode. It is not clear from the section “temperature readback by the
    host” on page 14 of datasheet if the recommended procedure given for radback of…
  • ADT7470 Interrupt

    How do I trigger the SMBALERT on the ADT7470.

    I want to simulate an over temp scenario.

    Can I trigger the SMBALERT by writing to any of the registers?

    How do I check if SMBALERT is enabled?

    On the board, the ADT is hooked up to 1 temp sensor TMP05…

  • ADT7470 temperature reading failed


         We are using ADT7470 and TMP05 for fans control. Now we can control PWM duty in manu mode and also can read fan tach. But when we try to get temperature from reg 0x20~0x29, we only read the temp of -92  to -102℃,our TMP05 chain has 2 device. Our…

  • Driver software for ADT7470


    We are using ADT7470 device connected to 4 fans and 4 temperature sensors. Can you please provide the driver software for the device which uses I2C bus?



  • ADT7470 automatic mode and the PWM is incorrect

    I use EVAL-ADT7470EBZ and use Automatic Fan Speed ​​Control Mode the following settings:
    TMIN: 25
    PWM min: 20
    PWM MAX: 100

    According to the description of DataSheet, when the temperature reaches Tmin + 20 degrees, the PWM Duty will reach the value set by…

  • ADT7470 GPIO Status

    Dear Sir,

          The ADT7470 Table 50. show "When GPIO is configured as an output, these bits are read/write. Setting these bits asserts the GPIO output. (Asserted can be high or low depending on the setting of GPIO4 polarity.)". We run below setting…

  • ADT7470 Spin up Function

    Hi ADI Experter

    Does ADT7470 still support Fan spin up function? 

    As my customer feedback that they saw it in older version ADT7470 datasheet (Rev.B)

    But they didn't see this function in the latest datasheet so they would like to confirm whether this…

  • ADT7470 GPIO Status - part 2


    I have the same problem with ADT7470 not being able to set GPIO output state, as it was already discussed at this question page - https://ez.analog.com/temperature_sensors/f/q-a/77459/adt7470-gpio-status/276442.

    I've tried setting register 0x81 and…

  • ADT7470 Tech pin question

    Dear Sir,

          The ADT7470 datasheet show Techx pin is Digital Input (Open Drain). I have some question as below. Could you help explain and clarify it? Thanks!

    1. Digital Input (Open Drain) what kind of architecture?

    2. When not use Tech3 pin, can floating…

  • Input pin voltage tolerance on ADT7470


    We are using the following part in an existing design:


    I would like to get clarity as to what is the maximum input voltage that the ADT7470 device is able to withstand on the SCL/SDA lines.

    In the "Absolute Maximum Ratings" table…