• ADT7320, ADT7420 - Requirements to setup the ADT7320/ADT7420

    What additional components do I require to setup the ADT7320/ADT7420?


    Both parts require a 0.1uf ceramic and 10uf tantalum decoupling capacitors. The
    interrupt and critical limit pins will also require 10kΩ pull-up resistors. The
  • RE: ADT7420 - accuracy at 150°C ?

    Hi Adam,

    The typical accuracy at 150ºC is -0.85ºC at VDD=4.5V to 5.5V and -1ºC for VDD=2.7V to 3.3V. You may refer to the spec table in page 3 of the ADT7420 datasheet. 



  • RE: ADT7420 question about pull-up resistors!


    See answers below:

    1. It's advisable to put the pullup resistor near the master just in case the cable might be disconnected. 

    2. INT and CT pins are open-drain output, thus they both require a 10kohm pull up resistor to VDD. Make sure that ADT…

  • ADT7420 problem

    We're using ADT7420 in one of our boards.
    The chip is communicating properly, but the results it provides are clearly wrong (around 32C when the room is 24-25C).

    Some additional details:

    1. The chip is exposed to open air.

    2. The conversion formula…

  • ADT7420

    We have a strange behavior with different ADT7420-Sensors. We had 4 Sensors on a i2c-bus and everything works fine at roomtemperature. We can make good measurements. We can switch off and on the powersupply and everything works as expected.

    If we increase…

  • ADT7420 Temperature Range


    I want to ask a question to the Analog Devices engineers - what will happens with ADT7420 in case of operating at temperatures below -40 centigrade (-55..-40) ?

    Will the device become permanently damaged (even a small possibility), or it just…

  • ADT7420 Timeout


    Does the ADT7420 have timeout function?

    If the master CPU power off when ADT7420 output the data, does the ADT7420 open the I2C bus? 

  • ADT7420 test procedure


    Our customer produces heat probes using ADT7420UCPZ. We gave the information
    that these sensors have 0.2C sensitivity and don't need calibration. To use
    this sensor in their calorimeter design, our local regulations require
    below information…

  • ADT7420 reading under Linux


    We design a new pcb with ADT7420.

    We verify  :

    -          the power supply : OK (3.3V)

    -          I2C waveform : OK (verify with oscilloscope)

    -          we can read other component connected to the same I2C bus example an
    EEPROM and a Demodulator.

    -          No communication…

  • ADT7420 reportable temperature range

    I’m thinking of trying the ADT7420 as an alternative to the ADT7410 in a current design.  The datasheet for the ADT7420 specifies a minimum temperature of -40 degrees Celsius.  Does anyone know if this the lowest reportable temperature?  I.e. will the ADT7420…