• ADT7420 Incorrect DeviceID


    May I ask if there's any available program for ADT7420? A snippet will do. I am trying to read registers (using I2C), but it seems like I'm getting incorrect default value. Maybe there's something wrong with my code in reading registers? Can anyone…

  • ADT7420 EVAL temperature sensor calibration certificate

    We use the EVAL-ADT7420 as reference temperature sensor. To check the qualitiy of the ADT7420 we need a certificate of calibration. Where can I get it?

  • ADT7420 question about pull-up resistors!


    I am making a board that has the ADT7420 on it.

    I want it to be the slave device my master device to be many meters away.

    1. Where do I put the pullup resistors? On the master or slave board?
    2. For the CT and INT pins are the pullups optional?
      1. If not…
  • ADT7420 - accuracy at 150°C ?

    What accuracy is the ADT7420 at 150°C?

    I can see that it is 0.25°C at 105°C but cannot see any data at its maximum rated temperature of 150°C

  • ADT7420 response time around 2 mins


    I am currently using the ADT7420 temperature sensor for my project. The board I used is the EVAL-ADT7420-PMDZ board from ADI. The datasheet indicates the response time of this sensor is very quick(around 5-10s) but I found it that it took 2 mins to…

  • Configuration of ADT7420 and/or ADT7320


    I have both temperature sensors ADT7420 and ADT7320, which use i2C and SPI respectively.I am new to C++ so I have been using already developed code on GitHub for the ADT7420 sensor as a template for my implementation (see photo). However, the value…

  • ADICUP3029 with ADT7420 is not running in Debug


         I have not been able to Run ADICUP3029 with ADT7420 example noos exaple.

    I had to create a folder that was not available C:\Users\Gustavo\cces\2.9.2\examples\eval-adicup3029_bsp_1.1.0\adt7420_example_noos\EVAL-ADICUP3029\cces\Debug\adt7420_ex…

  • How to convert the output data of the internal temperature sensor ADT7420 to °C?

    I was able to successful read out the temperature data of ADT7420 using methodscript to access the I2C interface. I used the script example in the methodscript protocol description.

    Could you please help and explain how to convert the 16bit into °C?…

  • ADT7320, ADT7420 - Requirements to setup the ADT7320/ADT7420

    What additional components do I require to setup the ADT7320/ADT7420?


    Both parts require a 0.1uf ceramic and 10uf tantalum decoupling capacitors. The
    interrupt and critical limit pins will also require 10kΩ pull-up resistors. The
  • ADT7420 test procedure


    Our customer produces heat probes using ADT7420UCPZ. We gave the information
    that these sensors have 0.2C sensitivity and don't need calibration. To use
    this sensor in their calorimeter design, our local regulations require
    below information…