• ADT7420 Timeout


    Does the ADT7420 have timeout function?

    If the master CPU power off when ADT7420 output the data, does the ADT7420 open the I2C bus? 

  • ADT7420

    We have a strange behavior with different ADT7420-Sensors. We had 4 Sensors on a i2c-bus and everything works fine at roomtemperature. We can make good measurements. We can switch off and on the powersupply and everything works as expected.

    If we increase…

  • Does the ADT7420  can real be use for measuring the temperature of  human body?

    I now use the ADT7420 for human skin temperature measurement, we checked the peripheral circuits, software etc. At room temperature (20~40 degrees), through the air contact, we compared the ADT7420 temperature and mercury thermometer had little difference…

  • RE: ADT7420 problem

    Hello Tal,

    From your statement 4 above, I would conclude that the ADT7420 is working fine and measuring the PCB temperature rather than the air temperature. This is a common issue. Is the ADT7420 located close to another component that is generating…

  • ADT7420 (also ADM1176) - Need More than 4 on the same I2C channel!

    The ADT7420 has two address lines to allow us to set the address of the ADT7420 temp sensor.  There is a similar situation with the current/power monitor ADM1176 chip.

    Was wondering if there was a different part which would also say 32 (5 address lines…

  • ADT7420 reportable temperature range

    I’m thinking of trying the ADT7420 as an alternative to the ADT7410 in a current design.  The datasheet for the ADT7420 specifies a minimum temperature of -40 degrees Celsius.  Does anyone know if this the lowest reportable temperature?  I.e. will the ADT7420…

  • Not acknowledge generated by ADT7420


    I am using MSP430FR5949 (master Mode) to control the ADT7420. However, ADT7420 sent back a not acknowledge bit to master after the serial bus address byte was transmitted.

    I cannot read or write anything to IC ADT7420. The master just repeated…

  • ADT7320, ADT7420 - Requirements to setup the ADT7320/ADT7420

    What additional components do I require to setup the ADT7320/ADT7420?


    Both parts require a 0.1uf ceramic and 10uf tantalum decoupling capacitors. The
    interrupt and critical limit pins will also require 10kΩ pull-up resistors. The
  • ADT7320, ADT7420

    Does the ADT7X20 need to be calibrated?


    No user calibration is required with these sensors because ADI pre-calibrates
    all devices using our high accuracy test solution.
    Because each device leaving the factory is fully calibrated, all…