• I2C rise time at 100KHz (ADT7410)


    We are using the ADT7410 on an I2C bus with several other I2C devices.
    Our bus runs at 100 KHz (standard mode).
    The SCL/SDA rise time for ADT7410 is quoted at 0.3uS for 0-400Hz on the
    All of our other I2C devices and indeed the I2C standard…

  • What are the differences between ADT7410 Models


    I`ve looked at the datasheet & found out that this sensor is available in 3 models:

    1. ADT7410TRZ
    2. ADT7410TRZ-REEL
    3. ADT7410TRZ-REEL7

    Could anyone tell me what are the differences between these models?

    Thnx in advance.

  • 关于ADT7410的ack信号无应答

        您好,想利用QuartusII软件,利用FPGA读写ADT7410芯片。因此我的思路是首先对芯片内部相关寄存器进行配置,如地址为0x03的配置寄存器(configuration register),配置为8'b10000001(默认是8'b00000000),因此按照datasheet中的时序图进行编程配置。但是波形的输出中ack始终无应答。如图所示,ccs(第三行的信号)可以当做scl的计数信号,当ccs=0时,让FPGA控制sda在scl为高电平时产生下降沿,作为开始信号。接下来写入10010000…

  • ADT7410的INT引脚上拉电平问题?


  • What is the long term temperature drift of the ADT7410?

    I don't see the long term temperature drift in the data sheet and this device is going into a machine with a 7 year life.

    Is there a graph of the drift over time?

  • Connection from ADuCM360 to the ADT7410 via the I2C interface.

    AN-1250 Rev 0, page 5 table 4 mentions .c and .h files for connection from the ADuCM360 to the ADT7410 via the I2C interface. Where to obtain these files?

    The same Application Note mentions on page 1 "See the AN-1250 companion code zip file available…

  • ADT7410 Status Register's Tlow and Thigh bits are never set to '!' as expected?

    I am using the ADT7410's Interrupt mode for INT and CT pins, 13 bits
    resolution, the ID register is '011' for the revision.

    The test is : Ambient temperature is 25°C, with trigger of 27°C, and hysteresis
    of 1°C.
    The chip…
  • 向各位大侠请教一下ADT7410驱动问题

    向各位大侠请教一下ADT7410驱动问题可否使用ADT7420的驱动读取数据?不能的话可否赐小弟一个ADT7410的 驱动程序,谢谢!

  • RE: ADT7420 reportable temperature range

    Should be three to four months.

    I'll stick with the ADT7410 for now.  Thanks for your help.

  • ADT 7410 sample code


          I have purchased ADT7410 ic for my project.Can I get the sample code for this ic?

    Please help.