• ADT7410 aging

    The sensor ADT7410 is being implemented into our new product line. The sensor going to be used over a wide dynamic range (down to -30°C and up to 150°C). I was looking for information regarding the sensor aging, but I didn't find it.

  • ADT7410 temperature issues

    Dear Team,

    I am facing issues in temperature values of this sensor. I am getting zero degree Celsius after power ON and configuration  to continuous conversion mode (default). After sometime the IC is displaying correct value. The same IC is creating the…

  • Writing to ADT7410?

    Hi all,

    Writing Data

    In order to write to Target Register in ADT7410 one should send following bytes:

    1. Serial Bus Address Byte
    2. Address Pointer Register Byte
    3. Data Byte to be written into Target Register

    1st Question

    How to set Serial Address…

  • ADT7410 noise/effective resolution

    I have 8pcs of ADT7410 sensors connected to a PIC18F47J53 microcontroller via 2 individual I2C interfaces running from 2x AA batteries. Each sensor has a 4.7µF ceramic decoupling capacitor soldered as close to the sensor as possible. The sensors…

  • Floating address lines on ADT7410


    What happens if the address lines on an ADT7410 are left floating? Are they pulled one way or the other?



  • Reading from ADT7410?

    Why reading back from any Register requires a write Byte operation?

    I want to read from Temperature value MSByte(0x00) & LSByte(0x01) Register & both pin A0 & A1 are connected to GND.

    Are my setting below correct?

    • Serial Bus Adress Byte…
  • Sample code for ADT7410

    Hi All,

    I am using ADT7410 in ADSP21369. Could anyone please provide me the sample code for the same.

  • ADT7410 problems with high temp


    It seems im having some problem with the ADT7410 on high temp.

    My pcb is an a climate chamber cycling between 25 to 125 °C (4 hours ramp up)

    It seems everything is going wel and i can read out temperature until +110°C... then the sensor is outputting…

  • ADT7410: Noise in values?

    When I connected the sensor to my microcontroller, my temperature values seem off. I am using a digital thermometer that has +- 2 degrees farenheit to compare values and it seems like the sensor is off by +2 degrees celsius when I get its hex data and…

  • ADT7410读写时序问题