• RE: What are the differences between ADT7410 Models

    Hi bugserm,

    The difference between the ADT7410 models you have listed is the packaging and quantity.

    Model Packaging,Quantity
    ADT7410TRZ Tube, 98
    ADT7410TRZ-REEL Reel, 2500
  • Writing to ADT7410?

    Hi all,

    Writing Data

    In order to write to Target Register in ADT7410 one should send following bytes:

    1. Serial Bus Address Byte
    2. Address Pointer Register Byte
    3. Data Byte to be written into Target Register

    1st Question

    How to set Serial Address…

  • ADT7410 aging

    The sensor ADT7410 is being implemented into our new product line. The sensor going to be used over a wide dynamic range (down to -30°C and up to 150°C). I was looking for information regarding the sensor aging, but I didn't find it.

  • RE: What is the long term temperature drift of the ADT7410?

    Drift is included in the ADT7410 max accuracy specification meaning that the accuracy of the part is guaranteed to be no worse than +/-0.5C over the lifetime of the part from -40 to +105.  Because there is very little self heating with ADT7410, the drift…

  • I2C rise time at 100KHz (ADT7410)


    We are using the ADT7410 on an I2C bus with several other I2C devices.
    Our bus runs at 100 KHz (standard mode).
    The SCL/SDA rise time for ADT7410 is quoted at 0.3uS for 0-400Hz on the
    All of our other I2C devices and indeed the I2C standard…

  • RE: ADT7420 reportable temperature range

    Should be three to four months.

    I'll stick with the ADT7410 for now.  Thanks for your help.

  • Floating address lines on ADT7410


    What happens if the address lines on an ADT7410 are left floating? Are they pulled one way or the other?



  • 向各位大侠请教一下ADT7410驱动问题

    向各位大侠请教一下ADT7410驱动问题可否使用ADT7420的驱动读取数据?不能的话可否赐小弟一个ADT7410的 驱动程序,谢谢!

  • RE: ADT7410读写时序问题


         麻烦请教一下,ADT7410和ADT7420 的驱动是一样的吗?

  • ADT 7410 sample code


          I have purchased ADT7410 ic for my project.Can I get the sample code for this ic?

    Please help.