• ADT7320, ADT7420 - Requirements to setup the ADT7320/ADT7420

    What additional components do I require to setup the ADT7320/ADT7420?


    Both parts require a 0.1uf ceramic and 10uf tantalum decoupling capacitors. The
    interrupt and critical limit pins will also require 10kΩ pull-up resistors. The
    ADT7420 will…

  • ADT7320, ADT7420

    Does the ADT7X20 need to be calibrated?


    No user calibration is required with these sensors because ADI pre-calibrates
    all devices using our high accuracy test solution.
    Because each device leaving the factory is fully calibrated, all errors

  • ADT7320, ADT7420 - Communication with ADT7x20

    How do I communicate with the ADT7320 and ADT7420?


    The ADT7320 has a SPI 4-wire interface and the ADT7420 has an I²C 2-wire
    The sensors will typically complete a conversion every 240ms and update the
    temperature register.

  • ADT7320, ADT7420 - Temperature reading options


    Why do I have an option between 13 and 16 bit temperature readings?


    In 16-bit mode the user has a resolution of 0.0078°C but in 13-bit mode the
    resolution is only 0.0625°C. However in 13-bit mode the 3 LSB’s of the
    temperature register…

  • What is the lifetime of the ADT7320?

    What is the lifetime of the ADT7320? (Stauts of 08_2013)


    We guarantee the ADT7320 with a lifetime of at least 10 years, provided it
    operates according to the specifications outlined in the datasheet.

  • NIST traceable calibration certification for ADT7320, ADT7420

    We are planning to use ADT7410 digital temperature sensor in a temperature
    tracker design, and our customers require calibration certificates to prove
    that the sensors are factory calibrated and are traceable to NIST, NPL or PTB.


    Only ADT7x20…

  • ADT7320 setup


    I have an ADT7320 eval board connected to a microcontroller that has SPI set up for 16.66 MHz SCLK and 24-bit data words.

    I sent 32 1's to reset and consistently get 0xE180 when I read the ID.

    If I shift left to get rid of most significant bit…

  • ADT7320 16-bit results


    I'm using ADT7320, but can't get 16-bit results of measurement.

    After power on, I boot 32 consecutive 1s. Then I load to the configuration register value 0x80. After 260ms I read the result, but in all cases I only get a 13-bit result.…

  • Configuration of ADT7420 and/or ADT7320


    I have both temperature sensors ADT7420 and ADT7320, which use i2C and SPI respectively.I am new to C++ so I have been using already developed code on GitHub for the ADT7420 sensor as a template for my implementation (see photo). However, the value…