• ADT7310 communications

    I've set up a state machine in a PLD to initialize and periodically read the ADT7310.  The inital transaction is a reset by sending the recommended 32 clock pulses with the data input held high.  The next transaction is a read from the internal ID register…

  • ADT7310 IBIS mode

    May I ask you to send me an IBIS model for ADT7310?


    Unfortunately we don't have an IBIS model for ADT7310.

    Update: IBIS model for the ADT7310 is now available here: https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/simulation-models/ibis-models.html

  • ADT7310 Technology Type

    What kind of technology does the ADT7310 use? adt7310

  • ADT7310

    Hello All,

    I have an application requiring exceedingly stable temperatures ~0.001C would be great but I would settle for an order of magnitude would be acceptable.  To measure temps, an ADT7310 had been chosen.  I am a little unclear about the exact meaning…

  • ADT7310 questions

    According to the datasheet, there is no need for use calibration. The maximum
    tolerances (accuracy for temperature) is guaranteed by production? is there
    some certificate that guarantess this limit? This limis guaranteed for what
  • ADT7310: response time

    from normal temperature to 0 degree, there is big error,the precision is from
    0.5\'C to 2\'C or 3\'C.


    it is caused by thermal response time rather than error of ADT7310. you should
    wait for a longer time to test after the…
  • ADT7310 confusing

    When resetting the device and then reading continously with CS=0, then all it delivers is the value 0x00 0xED. Whatever temperature it is in.

    When trying the one shot, as per data sheet, it delivers 0x00 0xED the first read then 0xFF 0xED in the rest…

  • ADT7310: Continuous Read?


    I want to read the Temperature Register continuously (continuous mode). Below is my code.

    The problem is, sometimes i get 0.00000°C because ADT7310 is not finish converting yet.

    I even add a delay for 240ms after sending 2 dummy bytes but i still…

  • ADT7310 on RaspberryPi

    Hello all,

    This post may be interesting for all those willing to interface ADT7310 temperature sensor with RaspberryPi using Python script. That is actually quite simple to do, all you need is to use the means of standard SpiDev library. I won't go into…

  • ADT7310 SPI communication problem


    I'm trying to read data from ADT7310 register using atmega8515 as master on STK500 board.

    The problem is everytime i send command byte to write or read, the ADT7310 keep sending back 0x00

    on the Terminal program. I've tried to read the set…