• ADT7310,ADT7312可以用于真空环境的温度测量吗?


    Admin translation:

    I used the ADT7310, but I don't know if the ADT7310 can be used with the ADT7310. 
    If not, please recommend a temperature sensor for temperature measurement in a vacuum…
  • ADT7310 Technology Type

    What kind of technology does the ADT7310 use? adt7310

  • ADT7310 Repeatability +/-0.015°C out of specs. !!!


    We have 10 ADT7310 Temp.Sensors who works on 10 prototyps.

    But we have following problems.

    The ADT7310 works not in spezification of repeatability !!

    All 10 Prototypes have the same problems on different temperatur !

    Sensor 1-8 : (Ramp-up Temp…

  • ADT7310

    Hello All,

    I have an application requiring exceedingly stable temperatures ~0.001C would be great but I would settle for an order of magnitude would be acceptable.  To measure temps, an ADT7310 had been chosen.  I am a little unclear about the exact meaning…

  • ADT7310 IBIS mode

    May I ask you to send me an IBIS model for ADT7310?


    Unfortunately we don't have an IBIS model for ADT7310.

    Update: IBIS model for the ADT7310 is now available here: https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/simulation-models/ibis-models.html

  • How could this circuit use one temperature sensor to do cold junction compensation (CJC) for 4 channels TC?

    How could this circuit use one temperature sensor to do cold junction
    compensation (CJC) for 4 channels TC?


    The ADT7310, ±0.5°C Accurate digital temperature sensor is used for
    Cold-Junction-Compensation when CN0287 processing temperature…
  • ADT7310 Communication problem with SPI and STM32


    I have following communication problem between STM32 Controller and ADT7310:

    First time I will set the ADT7310 to continuous read mode with send command byte 0x54 to ADT7310.

    But the ADT7310 switched to this mode only by multiply send 0x54 !!!

  • RE: ADT7310 How do read correct temp value in one shot mode ??


    My sequence for read continuous read is:

    first step init the ADT7310 with following commands:

    1. Reset ADT7310 with 32 clocks on DIN

    2. Set ADT7310 to 16 bit = send 1.Byte 0x08 (reg adress 01 / config reg.) send 2.Byte 0x80 to set res.to 16bit

  • ADT7310 CS pin and DOUT...

    Hi! Is the DOUT pin in high impedance state when CS pin is high (disabled) on the ADT7310. That is, can I connect many ADT7310 sensors to the same input pin on my microcontroller or do I need some logic (buffer) ta handle this?

    Bo, SM6FIE

  • RE: cn-0209


    1. The ADT7310 does the cold junction compensation for the thermocouple ,right?So at DOUT of ADT7310 ,will we get the cold junction temperature or the compensated output ?If we get the cold junction temperature at the output of ADT7310,then this…