• ADT7310 questions

    According to the datasheet, there is no need for use calibration. The maximum
    tolerances (accuracy for temperature) is guaranteed by production? is there
    some certificate that guarantess this limit? This limis guaranteed for what
    operation time…

  • ADT7310 IBIS mode

    May I ask you to send me an IBIS model for ADT7310?


    Unfortunately we don't have an IBIS model for ADT7310.

    Update: IBIS model for the ADT7310 is now available here: https://www.analog.com/en/design-center/simulation-models/ibis-models.html

  • ADT7310: response time

    from normal temperature to 0 degree, there is big error,the precision is from
    0.5\'C to 2\'C or 3\'C.


    it is caused by thermal response time rather than error of ADT7310. you should
    wait for a longer time to test after the temperature…

  • ADT7310/ADT7320 lifetime vs temperature

    Dear Analog Devices engineers,

    In my project, I need to monitor temperature variations of some devices. The temperature of one of them is set at 120°C. The temperature is supposed to be quite stable (except during power on and power off of the system…

  • ADT7310 Technology Type

    What kind of technology does the ADT7310 use? adt7310

  • DSP与ADT7310 SPI通讯的用法



  • ADT7310 continuous conversion mode and single reads

    When configured continuous conversion mode and performing single reads, could we intermittently see a value of all zero's?

    Could this be due to accessing the device over SPI and during the conversion time?

    Note: Not performing continuous read command…

  • RE: ADT7310/ADT7320 SPI bus transactions

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  • RE: ADT7310/ADT7320 power up register values issue

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