• EagleEye ADSW4000 source code

    Can the EagleEye software be modified? Can I get the source code for the algorithm?

  • Detection areas for EagleEye ADSW4000 sensor

    Can I specify specific detection zones in the EagleEye sensor?

  • Images captured by the EagleEye ADSW4000 software

    Does the camera record or store images on flash? Can videos be sent from the sensor?

  • Maximum number of people detected with ADSW4000 software

    What is the maximum number of people that it can detect?

  • EagleEye PeopleCount ADSW4000

    This is a discussion, FAQ and information forum related to the operation, use and functionality of the ADSW4000 PeopleCounting algorithm and related HW platform based on the ADI BF707 EagleEye DSP.
  • ADI New Product Round-up: ADN4624, LTC3337, ADSW4000 PeopleCount

    Welcome back to ADI's New Product Round-up. This blog shares a quick summary of products featured in press releases from the previous quarters, so you can stay well-informed on the latest technology from some of the best designers in the world. In…

  • ADSW4000 Metadata output over UART


    As I know ADSW4000 Metadata output over UART.

    Can we get metadata from USB through ADSPBF707BBCZ4-EGE which EVAL-ADSW4000KTZ provided?

    What software or development platform should I download?

    Is there any other way to get metadata?

    Please kindly help…

  • Required light levels for the EagleEye ADSW4000 algorithm

    Why does ADI EagleEye PeopleCount software have a lower lux threshold?

  • What 's the price for ADSW4000?

  • EagleEye object detection

    Can the ADSW4000 EagleEye detect other objects like cars?