• benchmarks for the TigerSHARC ADSP-TS201 Processor

    Do you have some figures showing how fast the ADSP-TS201 TigerSHARC Processor
    can perform various kinds of FFTs, Filters, etc.?


    All available TigerSHARC benchmarks can be found here:

  • ADSp-TS201S: FFT difference in simulation and rel Time

    In the simulator, a FFT program need 65983 cycle counters.
    But in the EZ-KIT,the
    register of CCNT show the cycle counter is 125038.why? which is right.


    Under simulation, the cache is enabled by default.  To acheive the same
    performance when runing…

  • RE: EEPROM boot in ADSP-TS201 multiprocessor configuration


    1. Will the next priority DSP of ID01 load the boot kernel from FLASH as well as the DSP of ID00 after ID00’s DSP boots?
    >> Yes.

    2. Which address in the DSP internal memory is the boot kernel loaded after booting?
    >> It is 0x0000000 in the…

  • ADSP-TS201S powering

      Hello, dear colleagues!

    My customer use DSP "Tiger SHARC" series -  ADSP-TS201SABP-050 with 500 MHz clock frequency.

    Unfortunately, now he can't buy this IC but the ADSP-TS201SABP-060 are available.

    My customer wants to clarify if it can be…

  • ADSP-TS201S Tigersharc Processor


    I am using 2 ADSP-TS201S processors in my custom board.Both are connected to each other through link port 0/1/2.

    data transmission between two processors via link port happens.But sometimes. Data sent from one processor reaches wrong to another processor…

  • .dxe file in adsp-ts201s

    Hi all ,

    in ADSP-TS201S, in link port boot example, 

    in Link_ldr/debug folder,    MasterDSPB.dxe , SlaveDSPA.dxe  are created corresponding to MasterDSPB.asm and SlaveDSPA.asm.

    but normally , when we compile newly created project , then .dxe file is automatically…

  • RE: tigersharc adsp-ts201s link port boot


    Sorry for the delayed response.

    We would suggest you to look at the below VDSP installation path where you would find link port boot example. The MasterDSPB.asm file in this example has the provision to choose the required link port number for booting…

  • prototyping the a ADSP-TS203S design with a ADSP-TS201s or a ADSP-TS202S

    We're currently laying out a prototype PCB to take an ADSP-TS203 TigerSHARC
    Processor (i.e. with only a 32 bit cluster bus and 2 link ports). Could we fit
    an ADSP-TS201/2 to this board if we constrict external bus access to 32 bits
  • RE: delay program for ADSP-TS201

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