• availability of default DSP Boot source code for the TigerSHARC

    I was wondering whether the default DSP boot source code running on the
    TigerSHARC Processors Evaluation boards (ADSP-TS201 and/or ADSP-TS101) is


    The loader file example for the TigerSHARC Processors EZ-Kits can be found…
  • RE: Ts201 timer initialization

    I have attached the C code. This was written for ADSP-TS101 but it should work even for ADSP-TS201

  • Does ICE-2000 emulator supports ADSP-TS101 DSP?

    Does ICE-2000 emulator supports ADSP-TS101 DSP?

  • jtag chain

    Can we have two different types of ADI processors in a JTAG chain in emulator mode? For ex: ADSP-21060 and ADSP-TS101?

  • ADSP-TS101 Booting Option

    Dear Analog Devices Team,

    We are using ADSP-TS101SAB1Z000 in one of our design, We have made strap pin /BMS as "0" so that the system boots from EPROM/Flash immediately after reset.

    In the ADSP-TS101 development platform the Flash used…

  • Call and Jump instructions at the ADSP-TS101S

    This problem is related to ADSP-TS101S TigerSHARc assembly code. In call and
    jump instructions,is it compulsory to include the '.align_code 4' statement?
    Could you explain in detail the requirement of this statement?


    The directive…
  • ADSP-TS101 rise time and fall time requirement for asynchronus interface

    Dear Analog Team,


    We are using Spansion S29AL016J55TFNR10, 16Mbit NOR flash for booting the ADSP-TS101.


    When NOR flash is driving the data to the processor has 12.8ns of rise time, Even though the interface is asynchronous I want to know the rise…

  • Hardware Design Checklist for ADSP-TS201S TigerSHARC® Processors


    Can sombody edit the EE note - 176 (Hardware Design Checklist for ADSP-TS101S TigerSHARC Processors) for TS- 201s.

    Advance thanks


  • hi, i have a question about cclk monitor: How to monitor cclk directly from certain pin by use of oscilloscope?

    For ADSP-TS101S, it seems cclk is not stable and sometimes the chip fail to start. I doubt about the poor power design leading to unstable internal clock. I want to have a way to monitor internal clock directly.

  • some question about nBMS pin of TigerSHARC processor



    We use ADSP-TS101 processor for our signal processing system.

    Our system boots the TS101 TigerSHARC processor using EPROM boot sequence.

    ( Flash memory as booting EPROM : "AT49BV322DT-70TU" flash memory chip of ATMEL )

    I have some…