• Call and Jump instructions at the ADSP-TS101S

    This problem is related to ADSP-TS101S TigerSHARc assembly code. In call and
    jump instructions,is it compulsory to include the '.align_code 4' statement?
    Could you explain in detail the requirement of this statement?


    The directive…
  • junction temperature on the ADSP-TS101 TigerSHARC Processor

    What is the maximum junction temperature on the ADSP-TS101 TigerSHARC


    The maximum case temperature (Tcase) for the ADSP-TS101 is 85C as shown in the
    datasheet. In regards to the maximum junction temperature, this can be
  • ADSP-TS101 Booting Option

    Dear Analog Devices Team,

    We are using ADSP-TS101SAB1Z000 in one of our design, We have made strap pin /BMS as "0" so that the system boots from EPROM/Flash immediately after reset.

    In the ADSP-TS101 development platform the Flash used…

  • Does ICE-2000 emulator supports ADSP-TS101 DSP?

    Does ICE-2000 emulator supports ADSP-TS101 DSP?

  • ADSP-TS101 rise time and fall time requirement for asynchronus interface

    Dear Analog Team,


    We are using Spansion S29AL016J55TFNR10, 16Mbit NOR flash for booting the ADSP-TS101.


    When NOR flash is driving the data to the processor has 12.8ns of rise time, Even though the interface is asynchronous I want to know the rise…

  • Link Port Cables for the ADSP-TS101 EZ-Kit Lite

    Can you tell me if ADI supplies the Link Port cables as described in EE-Note
    EE106 with a Honda connecter for the ADSP-TS101 EZ-Kit Lite?


    Refer to the following site:

  • RE: DMA TS101


       For the ADSP-TS101 external port DMA when the DP-TY bits are set as 100(external memory) and the address corresponds to the internal memory the DMA transfer does not happen correctly. There will not be an hardware interrupt generated as the TY bits…

  • RE: ts101 power


       Please let me know on whether you are designing a new board with ADSP-TS101 or using the EZ-KIT. In case of a new board you need not have to use the power supply design on the EZ-KIT. You may design your own power supply which meets the specifications…

  • RE: rfft on TS101 board

    Hi David,

                From your original post I understand that you are getting a real time data from some external device which you are processing with the library function for ADSP-TS101. Looks like the results are unexpected under some condition and you are…

  • RE: TS101 TS201 power


         The ADSP-TS101 and ADSP-TS201 datasheet has the IDD values for the typical activity. Please refer to the Specifications section of the datasheet for the same.

    I would recommend you to go through the EE-Notes on the below links and estimate power…