• ADSP-SC589 EZ-Kit self boot

    Hi all

    One of my customer is evaluating with the ADSP-SC589 EZ-Kit and She has a problem with self booting.

    The customer has confirmed that the ADSP-SC589 EZ-Kit works properly with the J-tag connected.

    However, the customer attempted to self boot the…

  • RE: Alternate Processor for TS201 (Tiger Sharc Processor)

    Hi Ashok,

    The ADSP-SC589 processors provide an enhanced parallel peripheral interface (EPPI) that supports data widths up to 24 bits. The EPPI is a half-duplex, bidirectional port with a dedicated clock pin andthree frame sync (FS) pins. It can support…

  • ezKit ADSP-SC589 Silicon Revision


    I have ADSP-SC589 ezKit.  Chip markings are:

    Analog Devices




    #1512 China


    When compiling for the SC589, what is the correct silicon?



  • How to Run LwIP on FreeRTOS for ADSP-SC589-MINI


    This is a brief description about how to run the LwIP on FreeRTOS for SAM (ADSP-SC589-MINI) board based current released ADI FreeRTOS.

    As the SAM (ADSP-SC589-MINI) board is using the same dp83867 PHY as the ADSP-SC589-EZKIT does now, little…

  • ADSP-SC589 networking

    Hi, support,

    I am starting familiarize myself with the ADSP-SC589 EZ-Board, and so far I have got the linux core working, using the default linux image.

    I am following the instructions in "linux_add_in_user_guide_1.3.1", and I have been able to…

  • RE: SHARC core 2 stuck

    Hi Parikshit,

    Thanks for your information.

    These days, I ported you example into my sc589-ezkit board, it works well with the three-core communication following your comments.

    1. For ADSP-SC589: I think all of your options are correctly in using the MCAPI…
  • accel_cfft_small  command in ADSP-SC589 

    when i execute accel_cfft_small  command in ADSP-SC589  , it is going to loop and not coming out of it , there is no output , what is the reason behind this ? how to take small fft in ADSP-SC589 ?

  • RE: Mismatched library source & binaries in latest CCES (2.9.1)

    The newer v3.0 of SSL/DD is only currently for ADSP-2156x parts. If you #include <drivers/sport/adi_sport.h>  for ADSP-SC589 the version used will be the same v2.0 drivers API set as built into the libraries and supported in previous versions of…