• RE: Inquiries about EMC Guidelines for ADSP-SC589


    There is no particular EMC Guidelines for ADSP-SC589.

    The ADSP-SC589 EZ-Board is in the process of being certified to comply with the essential requirements of the European EMC directive 2004/108/EC and therefore carries the "CE" mark.

    We would…

  • Does SigmaStudio Version Support ADSP-SC589

    I'm currently using Sigma Studio Version 4.6 Build 0.Rev 1812. I decided to evaluate ADSP-SC589-MINI Evaluation Board, and downloaded SigmaStudioforSharc-SH-Rel2.2.0_Prod and CrossCoreEmbedded Studio-Rel2.10.0.  I have installed both of them to Windows…

  • ADSP-SC589 USB_VBUS voltage level


    I didn't find any information about the voltage level to apply on USB_VBUS of the ADSP-SC589. Is 3.3V sufficient?

    Best reagrds


  • ADSP-SC589 EZ-BOARD GPIO pull-up resistors

    I am designing an interface PCB that will connect to a BRKOUT board attached to an ADSP-SC589 EZ-BOARD. I will use GPIO0-GPIO7 pins to sense a peripheral switch.

    Is it necessary to include GPIO pull-up or pull-down resistors on my custom PCB?

    Or is it…

  • U-boot support for USB1 in the ADSP-SC589

    We are working on a custom board design that uses the ADSP-SC589 chip and we would like to make use of the USB1 port as a TTY serial device for U-boot and Linux to use. The USB0 port is already being used to support a hub device. We are using the Yocto…

  • [FAQ]: Example project for SDcard Test in ADSP-SC589

    Example project for SDcard Test in ADSP-SC589

    Here we have attached an example project of SDCard tested in ADSP-SC589 EZKIT which would help us to write/read data in single/Multiple blocks in SDcard


  • About the ADSP-SC589 RTC, which is the typical VDD_RTC current consumption?

    I didn't found any information in the datasheet of ADSP-SC589 about the RTC current consumption

  • RTC Battery of ADSP-SC589 EZITE is not charged.

    Dear ADI,

    I have a question about ADSP-SC589 EZITE.

    Below this is a RTC part of schematics for ADSP-SC589 EZLITE. 


    I apply SuperCap(that spec is attached a file) to RTC battery(J1).

    But SuperCap is not charged.(That device is powered on in 12 hours…

  • ADSP-SC589 DANTE implementation

    Dear All,

    I’ve read, that the ADSP-SC589 has DANTE impelementation from Analog Devices.

    How could one test it, and how could we use it in our upcoming development?

    Is there a license fee?

    Also, I would like to know, what kind of HW UI (rotary knob…

  • RE: Multichannel audio on the ADSP-SC589-EZKit in Linux

    Has the TDM driver been released yet?  I don't see it in the yocto-1.0.0 release branch, but I may be looking in the wrong place.