• ADuM3160 chip USB device and host driver support under linux

    Hi ,

    I'm using ADuM3160 chip for USB Host and Device on a SC587 ADSP processor based product where we need a linux drivers which supports USB host and device.

  • can we use 33E, 1% resistor to gnd for DMCx_RZQ pin of ADSp-SC587.


    ADSP-SC587 datasheet suggest to use 34E resistor to gnd for DMCx_RZQ pin. 

    can we use 33E, 1% resistor instead of 34E resistor? 

    Please confirm. 

    Thanks and Regards

    Tarang Jindal

  • RE: ADSP-SC587: How many codecs can it support?

    Hi Glenn,

    From your mail I could understand that you want to connect AD1836A 12 input channels and 8 output channels per SPORT on ADSP-SC587. If that was the case, as mentioned in AD1836A datasheet, the TDM interface only supports 8 in/8 out using a single…

  • Get U-Boot running on custom SC587 board


    One of our customers is working to get U-Boot running on their custom board with an ADSP-SC587. In itself the SC587 on this board is normally functioning.

    Also, running U-Boot on the EVAL-ADSP-SC589 that they have is working fine.

    But running U-Boot…

  • RE: ADSP-SC587 adi_rom_boot() for Second Stage Load


    As this query is closed in the private support, post the final resolution for others to get benefit.

    Seems that you call the adi_rom_boot function from SHARC core 2. In that case, as mentioned in EE-384, "If the ROM API is invoked from the secondary…

  • RE: SC-58x dynamically loading SHARC from ARM


    From the "SHARC+ Dual Core DSP with ARM Cortex-A5 ADSP-SC582/SC583/SC584/SC587/SC589/ADSP-21583/21584/21587" document I can read the "mappings" for SHARC(s) L1 caches (table 6).

    As mentioned above we should be able to place SHARC…

  • RE: ADSP-21589 DMA SGU clocking config?


    It seems there is no ADSP-21589 DSP available in the anlaog device. Is this typo? If yes, please confirm which processor are you using?

    Still I can suggest you to have a look at Clock Related Operating Conditions section (PageNo:81 / 173) in the…

  • Comment on ADSP-SC58x/2158x SPDIF-RX feature list: What's new?


    We are planning to use the ADSP-SC587 chip for one of our new projects which includes the SPDIF input and output connection.

    We have one doubt regarding the SPDIF driving circuit given in the ADSP-SC589 EZ-Board schematics. Why the SPDIF coax…