• Sport issue Between ADSP-SC587 and ADSP-BF561


    ADSP-SC587 interfaced with ADSP-BF561 through SPORT in our custom board, issue is when we set clock frequency 1 MHz communication between the processor is fine. But when we increase  the clock frequency, clock is getting deteriorated. Our requirement…

  • ADSP SC587 VDD_RTC current consumption

    Can anyone tell me how much current would the ADSP SC587 RTC section will consume from VDD_RTC rail? This is just to estimate the coin cell life time.

  • ADSP-SC587 adi_rom_boot() for Second Stage Load


    I just start to develop a new firmware platform with ADSP-SC587, there are so many questions that i cannot figure it out.

    For now, i foucsed on the program upgraded, here i met some issues, i wondered if anyone famaliar with ADSP-SC587 SSL function…

  • ADSP-SC587: How many codecs can it support?

    HI All,

    Looking at developing an application with huge amounts of analog audio I/O. The system has something like 24 stereo headsets and 20 stereo audio inputs and outputs, for a total of 96 audio outputs and 64 inputs. for maximum flexibility I want…

  • SPORT Emulator for ADSP SC587 board


    I am working on the SPORT interface and i am using SC587 processor, i want to know if ADI is maintaining driver and test code for SPORT interface.

    If yes, then can you please share it with me.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Can we interafce x8 DDR3 memories with DMC interface of ADSP-SC587?


    I have seen one statement saying "4-bit and 8-bit wide DDR2 DRAM memories are not supported" in DDR3 section. 

    This statement is confusing, as it is written in DDR exclusion feature section and talking regarding DDR2. Please clear this…

  • can we use 33E, 1% resistor to gnd for DMCx_RZQ pin of ADSp-SC587.


    ADSP-SC587 datasheet suggest to use 34E resistor to gnd for DMCx_RZQ pin. 

    can we use 33E, 1% resistor instead of 34E resistor? 

    Please confirm. 

    Thanks and Regards

    Tarang Jindal

  • ADSP-SC587 debugging Multiple SHARC Cores on Same PCB when Linux on Core0 issue


    I have a custom PCB with 2 x SC587 Chips Both have external RAM chips  setup the same as the SC589 Ezi Eval Kit

    Device 0

        Core 0 has Linux. 

        Core 1 Baremetal Sharc App

        Core 2 Baremetal Sharc App

    Device 1 

        Core 0 BareMetal    

        Core 1 Baremetal Sharc…

  • ADSP-SC587 : Pin Muxing query -is unused PTP pins available for other muxing interfaces ?


    We are planning to use the RGMII (EMAC-0) interface without PTP features. 

    so, is it possible to use these unused PTP pins for other interfaces as per the muxing table?  

    Please confirm. 

    Thanks and Regards

    Tarang Jindal

  • RE: USB hub for SC587


    We understand that you have already contacted our private support.Please continue the discussion there.We are posting the response here for others to benefit.

    USB HUB support is already available for SC587. You should be able to rebuild the existing…