• ADSP-SC584 Running LwIP INETD application on SC584-Ezkit. Not Enabling MAC

    I am trying to run LwIP INETD application on ADSP-SC584 Ezkit board using ICE-1000 Emulator in Debug mode. 

    I have referred this link https://ez.analog.com/dsp/sharc-processors/adsp-sc5xxadsp-215xx/w/documents/5044/lwip-on-sc584-ezkit

    But during execution…

  • Circular buffering on ADSP-SC584


    I have a question regarding circular buffering on ADSP-SC584.

    I know there are 2 possibilities to enable circular buffering

    1. Set CBUFEN bit in MODE1 register and/or

    2. Set DAG registers B and L.

    My experience with ADSP-SC584 tells me that MODE…

  • Default Configuration not working ADSP-SC584


    I received the ADSP-SC584 yesterday, fresh out of the box. I've followed the instructions on the manual to start default configuration.

     ADSP-SC584 EZ-Board® Evaluation System Manual part 2.3 Default configuration. 

    However, when I run the default…

  • How can I boot an ADSP-21584 based SHARC application on an ADSP-SC584 part?

    Since the ADSP-SC584 part expects ARM to boot up first, we may still need to use an ADSP-SC584 dummy ARM core project to generate the loader file. The dummy ARM project is required to bring the SHARC cores out of reset during booting. The code runs…

  • Can a library built for ADSP-SC584 be used to link an application for ADSP-21584?


    Can a library built for ADSP-SC584 be used to link an application for ADSP-21584? (The library performs various computations. It does not interact with any peripherals etc.)



  • ADSP-SC584 Flash memory firmware upgrade

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to ask if someone can provide me with an example code or some indication to do the following.

    I am developing a project which I can split in part A, B and C.

    Part A: booting a code on flash memory through JTAG

    I am using, for…

  • PIN13 to PIN18 on DAI0 & DAI1 ADSP-SC584

    I am using ADSP-SC584 for a project. I am planning to use couple of SPORTs in the project to communicate with ADCs and DACs. However, i don't see DAI0_PIN13 to DAI0_PIN18 on both DAI0 and DAI1. In the HRM, it is written that they are not bonded off chip…

  • Flash and Debug using OpenOCD & GDB on ADSP-SC584

    Hello everyone,

    What I want to achieve here is to use openOCD from command line to program and eventually debug an application on core 0 of ADSP-SC584 EZ-kit.

    I have CCES 2.9.4 and ICE-1000. I'll use the openOCD executable that is provided with CCES, along…

  • Best way to interface ADSP-SC584 with 2 LTC2344-18 ADCs

    I am using ADSP-SC584 for a project. For the project I am interfacing 2 external ADCs and 2 external DACs with processor. I believe I can interface LTC2344-18 ADC to SC584 using SPORTs, or SPI or ACM. But since I am interfacing many external components…

  • ADSP-SC584 J7 BroadR-Reach Ethernet Port : What can it be plugged into ?

    What can the ADSP-SC584 EZ-Board's two wire Ethernet port (U7 on schematic sheet 16) be plugged into to use / evaluate it ?

    Two wire Ethernet BroardR-reach, IEEE100Base-T1, IEEE 1000Base-T1 and IEEE P802.3b* (DC PoE) look set to provide useful capability…