• Performance comparison of FIR/IIR accelerators between ADSP-SC584 and ADSP-21489


    I want someone to help me to confirm the performance comparison of FIR/IIR accelerators between ADSP-SC584(450MHz) and ADSP-21489(350MHz).

    The accelerator I tested is FIR accelerator.And the parameters are: TAPS =512,WINDOWSIZE = 16,Channels 

  • RE: When SigmaStudio for SHARC support the ADSP-SC589?


    SigmaStudio for SHARC (ADSP-SC584) is now available. You may request for the same here. Please mention "SigmaStudio for SHARC (ADSP-SC584)" in the additional comments field.

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  • RE: How can I find info on ADST-SC584? A potential customer says he wants to port to this device but I can’t find anything on it.


    Please refer the ADSP-SC584 webpage below, which contains the detailed information about ADSP-SC584 and corresponding documents for this DSP. Hope this helps.

    For making programming easier, I would suggest you to look…

  • adsp-sc584-ezboard can't detect USB device

    The question is related to adsp-sc584-ezboard can't detect USB device 

    and my problem is adsp-sc584-ezboard  sometimes can't detect USB device,It seems be related to hardware,could you provide a bare-metal USB test code  that's independent with u-boot…

  • FLAG pin interrupt & "interrupts()" function availability in SC584

    I am porting a piece code which was written for ADSP-21489 to new processor ADSP-SC584. I have some questions regarding it.

    1.) I researched regarding the FLAG pins (interrupt pins IRQ 2-0) which used to be present on 21489 as dedicated pins. However…

  • RE: SC584 Ez: Boot stuck when running u-boot loaded through ICE-1000

    Because I am sure of having applied the file for sc584, I have not tried again. Sorry ^^

    I can find the following print on the bottom surface of EZ Board.


    ADSP-SC584 EZ-BOARD 1.0 (c) 2015"

    Is it what you want…

  • SPDIF example on the ADSP-SC584


    I tried to find example code for SPDIF loopback for ADSP-SC584 EZKIT. Unfortunately, ADI examples provide spdif loopback example only for ADSP-SC589. I tried to run SC589 code upon SC584 and it is failed(I changed all fields with target platform…

  • ADSP-SC584 Board Support Package

    where can I download the "ADSP-SC584 Board Support Package"?

  • RE: Stuck in Loop in the ADC DAC Playback Example with ADSP-SC584


    We are able to run the ADC_DAC_Playback example successfully in ADSP-SC584 EZ-KIT.

    We have tried the example which is available in the below BSP location and just ported the example to ADSP-SC584. Also commented out the #define PLAYBACK in adc_dac_playback…