• ADSP-SC573 Power on self test


    I encounter this problem trying to execute mentioned example:

    *** SD Card Test
    Waiting for card to be detected...A non-recoverable error…

  • Building CCES system SEC service support libraries for ADSP-SC573

    According to "Allow SHARC SEC Code to Skip the SEC Reset" in the Linux Add-in for CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) User's Guide section 6.7.3 "Coordinate the SEC Initialization for multicore Development" on page 243, in order to have SHARC…

  • adsp-sc573 MAC only support RGMII or RMII?

        Now, adsp-sc57x, 58x ezkit board use gigabit PHY IC (DP83865 etc),     because sc57x's  MAC only support RGMII or RMII interface ,    so it support MII phy chip?   because now MII chip usage is popular and low cast,  and many application case, the 100M network…

  • USB Audio Demo for ADSP-SC573 SHARC


    We got access to the Micrium USB Device Stack Core & also USB Audio Class (45-day evaluation) for our ADSP-SC573-EZLITE boards (we purchased 3 altogether).

    On the examples URL: download.analog.com/.../all_examples.html we can see there is a USB…

  • IIR Accelerator Cycle Calculation for ADSP-SC573


    Can you provide the formula for cycle count when using IIR Accelerator in ADSP-SC573 with and without Burst mode?

    I believe the formula mentioned in the hardware manual is applicable when use IIR Accelerator without Burst mode.





    I have modified the ADC_DAC_Playback Example project to get TDM4 and also TDM8 working.

    Then I added the USB Audio DEMO for ADSP-SC573 and modified the configuration settings for ADAU1962A (TDM8) and the audio is distorted.

    The best way to describe…

  • eMMC ON ADSP-SC573


         We want to use eMMC on SC573 chip , But we are not sure how to connect the eMMC chip to the SC573, especially the reset pin, It seems that there is no reset pin on SC573 to connect to the eMMC reset pin. So do you have some demo schematic on sc573…

  • ADSP-SC573 Why does Linux initialize SEC?

  • Where could I get Pipeline Viwer for ADSP-SC573?

    Where could I get Pipeline Viwer for ADSP-SC573?

    The CCES shows "Pileline data is not supported by this debug target"..on 

  • Code Example: Controller Area Network (CAN) for ADSP-SC573

    The ADSP-SC57x processor contains a Controller Area Network (CAN) module based on the CAN 2.0B (active) protocol. Attached are the code examples of CAN transmitter and Receiver for ADSP-SC573 Ez-Kit. I have used  extended (29-bit) identifiers for MailBox…