• About JTG-TRST processing of ADSP-21571


    Please tell me about JTG-TRST processing of ADSP-21571.

    About R72 / R73 of JTG-TRST line of ADSP-SC573 EZ-KIT schematic diagram,

    The schematic diagram and board of the ADSP-SC573 EZ-KIT are in the following state,

    Please tell me which of the…

  • RE: ADSP-SC573 SD card issue: Linux on ARM and Baremetal on SHARC 1 & 2

    Hi  ,

    Sorry for the late reply. Firstly I thank you for reporting this issue. We have reproduced the fault that you are seeing, we believe that this problem that you are encountering is due to an intermittent fault that occurs…

  • FreeRTOS for SC573


    are there implementations of FreeRTOS, OpenRTOS and SaveRTOS available for ADSP-SC573 available?

  • ADSP-21573/ADSP-SC573 and external SRAM

    Good day! I have simple question about ADSP-21573/ADSP-SC573. Can external memory controller of ADSP-21573 and ADSP-SC573 work with external SRAM? There is some SMC - this is what we need or it's for something else? We need an analog of AMI from 489 family…

  • Port Linux Run-Time SHARC Loader on the ADSP-SC57x


    I'm porting Linux Run-Time loader on ADSP-SC573.
    EE-399 - https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/runtime-sharc-loader
    I'm using ADZS-SC573-EZ-BRD

    Target OS -> Linux Addins for CCES(1.2.0)

    I need the address in the bootrom that idles…

  • ADSP-SC573 - Program Flash


    The sample project from which we started to create the loader file (.ldr) to be loaded into the flash is Power_On_Self_Test_SC573_Cortex on the ADSP-SC573 EZ-Board®. The procedure we used is described in the file (Readme_Power_On_Self_Test_SC573.html…

  • RE: CAN Bit Timing

    See the below response for reference for others.

    Configured the CAN of ADSP-SC573 as receiver and sent data from CANoe. A known data was transmitted at 500Kbps. I have set the below configuration in ADSP-SC573.