• RE: ADSP-SC573 with AD73360 via SPORT


    Apologies for the delay in response.

    Can you please share the design schematics of AD73360 with ADSP-SC573 processor.

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  • RE: ADSP-SC573 MCAPI questions

    sorry to open this thread up again, but https://www.multicore-association.org/workgroup/mcapi.php leads to a fake website. Do you have an updated one??

  • ADSP SC573 Custom Multi-core shared memory L2 region


    I require a shared memory region in L2 for transferring large chunks of data between ARM and SHARC cores of ADSP SC573.Taking inspiration from bare metal audio framework supported for ADSP SC573. I followed the below steps to create my custom shared…

  • [LINUX] How do I flash the program binary onto the SPI2 memory on ADSP-SC573 EZ-Board

    I have a working binary of a program that I debug using OpenOCD and GDB. How do  I go from here to deploying the program such that if I reset the SC573 ezkit in boot mode 1, it will run that program automatically?

    Note that I am using Linux with CCES version…

  • How do I flash the program binary onto the SPI2 memory on ADSP-SC573 EZ-Board?

    How to I flash the SPI memory on ADSP-SC573 EZ-Board?

    I'm new to the SC573 and CrossCore Embedded Studio. When I debug I guess the binary is only transfered to the DSP memory and external DDR memory and not to the SPI Flash (SPI2) Memory?

    How can…

  • [ARM] SC573 ARM core crashing when using rand()


  • RE: ADSP-SC573 EZ-KIT and SigmaStudio for SHARC 4.5


    The instructions in section 6.2.1 for running target application and example schematic in JTAG mode (Boot switch 0). 

    Section 6.1.2 after programming the flash( with SS_App_SC573.ldr) just follow this steps,

    1. Boot switch to position 1

    2. Reset board…

  • ADSP-SC573开发板中的SPI2问题



  • Could someone please post an example of SPI on ADSP-SC573 EZ board?

    I have real trouble understanding why SPI don't work as expected.

    I would need an simple example of SPI in blocking mode where I send a number of bytes (for example 10 bytes) and the ADI_SPI_SSEL_ENABLE1 is low during the whole transmission of the…

  • RE: ADSP-21573/ADSP-SC573 and external SRAM

    Good Day!

    I have a question in progress to previous. The role of SMC is clear enough. But the only mention about SMC is Chapter 10 of HRM. But no datasheet no other resources does not show the presence of SMC in ADSP-SC573 on structural diagramm and there…