• ADSP-SC571 Link Problem using CrossCore

    I'm developing software for ADSP-SC571 and encountered a problem. The matter is that CrossCore linker can't resolve variable declared in Arm Core and declared as extern in Sharc Core.
    Is there any possibility to resolve the problem using Cross…

  • Sharing Data Between Cores on ADSP-SC571


    I am using ADSP-SC571 is a multi- core architecture chip. 

    I realized MDMA-Based Dual-SHARC Parallel Pipeline Audio Talkthrough in SC571.

    But now I want share some parameters defined in core ARM 0 in the others core Sharch. 

    These parameters can…

  • Is Link port boot mode supported in ADSP-SC571?

    No. In ADSP-SC571, there is no LP0. Only LP1 is available. So LP boot is not supported in ADSP-SC571 processor.




  • Non-blocking UART RX for ADSP-SC571


    I am currently using UART0 on an ADSP-SC571. I am able to successfully send and receive. However, the API function that I am using, provided with the UART driver is a blocking function. I am using adi_uart_Read(uart_0, &RxBuffer[0], 1u). I…

  • ADSP-SC571 Read mapped memory 0x5exxxx hangs program

    Using a Sharc ADSP-SC571 DSP.

    Reading the value located at a pointer, who's address is set to a given location does not work for mapped addresses above 0x5e0000, but it does work for addresses below.  For example, the following line is take from the…
  • RE: L2 memory in SC571

    You need to ensure you use the 'mangled' assembly name of the symbol and that symbol, also the symbol must be globally defined. The elfsyms utility might be useful for getting the symbol names and addresses that you want to resolve. See the CCES help…

  • RE: SPU in SC571


    Our sincere apologies for the confusion caused here. If we are not calling adi_spu_Init() API, the handle will not be created. While calling adi_spu_EnableMasterSecure() API directly it will return 'ADI_SPU_INVALID_HANDLE' error. So you can't use…

  • Compile option gcc for ARM (SC571)

    Hi !

    I read in the compiler documentation that there are the following options for architecture armv7-a':

    ‘+mp’ The multiprocessing extension.

    +sec’ The security extension.

    +fp’ The VFPv3 floating-point instructions…

  • How many instances does UART have in ADSP-SC59x/ADSP-2159x processor?

    How many instances does UART have in ADSP-SC59x/ADSP-2159x processor?
  • How FFT accelerator (FFTA) on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x is different as compared to ADSP-214xx processors / What are the major features of FFTA on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x ?

    FFT Accelerator on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x is a completely new design as compared to the FFT accelerator on ADSP-214xx processors. The major differences/features of the FFT accelerator on ADSPSC58x/ADSP-2158x are:

    • Unlike in ADSP-214xx, the…