• What are the major changes in the programming model of the IIR accelerator on ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x as compared to ADSP-214xx processors?

    • Unlike in ADSP-214xx, you don't need to enable the IIR accelerator in PMCTL1 register explicitly in ADSP-SC58x/ADSP-2158x.
    • Unlike as in ADSP-214xx, the byte address of the input/output/coefficient buffers should be converted in to word address…
  • ADSP-SC57x/ADSP-2157x Processors Running at 500 MHz


    5.3 ADSP-SC57x/ADSP-2157x Processors Running at 500 MHz

    The manual says, the ADSP-SC57x/ADSP-2157x processor is configured for…

  • Part number ADSP-21065LKCA-240 and ADSP-21065LKCA-264

    Dear Sir,

    According to datasheet of ADSP-21065L, The part number ADSP-21065LKCA-240 and ADSP-21065LKCA-264, what’s different of those two? I can’t find any info. in the ordering guide, thanks!

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  • VisualDSP++ 5.0 ADSP-21479 and ADSP-21489 EZ-Boards

    To support the new ADSP-21479 and ADSP-21489 EZ-Boards, we have just released VisualDSP++ 5.0 ADSP-21479 and ADSP-21489 EZ-Boards.  This release is based on VisualDSP++ 5.0 Update 7.  It includes support for the ADSP-2147x and ADSP-2148x processor series…

  • ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-BF60x in single JTAG chain

    Is it possible to access an ADSP-SC58x processor and an ADSP-BF60x prosessor in a single JTAG chain with an ICE-1000 or ICE-2000 emulator?

    I have noticed a difference in the connection of the /TRST signal for both processors on the corresponding evalboards…

  • ADSP-BF70x vs ADSP - BF609 for automotive imaging applications

    Should I be using BLIP (Blackfin Low-power Imaging Platform, based on ADSP-BF70x mixed signal controller) for Automotive ADAS vision applications like Collision detection or Driver Drowsiness detection or should I go for ADSP - BF609 ?

  • RE: release date of ADSP-SC58x and ADSP-2158x

    Hi Eugene.

    ADI is targeting a mid-2016 release date for production silicon of all product variants. For development today, ADI is sampling the representative devices ADSP-SC589 (for the 529-ball BGA package) and ADSP-SC584 (for the 349-ball BGA package…

  • watchdog timer on ADSP-2148X same as ADSP-2147X?

    In the datasheet of ADSP-2148X, PAGE 3 tell us there have watchdog timer for LQFP-176 PACKAGE. but in the ADSP-214XX SHARC Hardware Reference, it seems that only descript the WatchDog Timer-2147x.   i want to know watchdog timer of 2148X is the same as…

  • Speaker Equalization with the ADSP-21366 + ADSP-21367

    I am currently reviewing consumer audio equipment that uses these devices but the provided documentation is completely lacking in information about the implementation of this function. What data is gathered from the measurements?  Is there correction for…

  • Which difference between ADSP-CM408F-A and ADSP-CM408F-B

    Which difference between ADSP-CM408F-A and ADSP-CM408F-B?