• How should I transmit image through RF using ADSP-BF707

    Hi Everyone!

    My project is to transmit raw or processed image captured and processed by a Camera+MCU system through RF. Previously we have successfully achieved the image capture and processing using ADSP-BF707 board and it works well. Now I want to…

  • ADSP-BF707的外设SPI使用问题

    ADSP-BF707总共有1xDUAL SPI和2xQUAD SPI,想问,1xDUAL SPI和2xQUAD SPI是否都可以设置成标准的SPI口去使用


    I am trying to locate the pin location of Tx, Rx, GND of UART0 in ADSP_BF707 to connect via jumper wires. As per the documentation the UART0_Tx and UART0_Rx are assigned the PIN_name PB_08 and PB_09. 

    Also, the jumper wire connection pin are given as…

  • ADSP-BF707 recommended soldering profile


    Could you please kindly provide the recommended soldering profile of ADSP-BF707?

    Thanks a lot!

  • ESD rating of ADSP-BF707

    Hi !

    What is the ESD rating of ADSP-BF707? I would like to know MM, HBM both.

    Do we have special design guide for BF707 or similar product to improve ESD protection in application?



  • ADSP-BF707 transmit planar YUV422 with EPPI


    I can send "UYVY" data with "eppi" module. Data bus 16bit (for Y 8bit, for U/V 8bit)

    The conversion of video data "YUV422 planar" and "UYVY" takes too long. 

    I tried to send the YUV422 planar data using the…

  • program lode of ADSP-BF707


  • ADSP-BF707 JPEG Decoder Performace

    Dear All, 

    I am performing JPEG Decode operation with ADSP-BF707 processor. Decode operation takes longer than I expected.

    I did the encode and decode operation on the same image as BF707. The processing times are as follows. (Image size 300x380 YUV420)

  • adsp-bf707 using the eppi in general purpose mode


    Here is my problem.  I am trying to set the EPPI (enhanced parallel port interface) up in general purpose mode so I can use it to transmit parallel data.  I have it working for the most part (i have the proper data coming across the lines, the frame…

  • ADSP-BF707 EZ Kit BSP manual /API Reference


    I'm using ADSP-BF707 EZ-KIT for prototyping in a project;

    Please point me where can get BSP manual/API reference guide.

    I installed FreeRTOS BSP but it doesn't provide any references.