• Memory architecture of ADSP-BF609

    ADSP-BF609 is a dual core processor.
    My questions are :

    1.How do we diffrentiate between core 0 & core 1 ?? Is it divided linearly like core 0
    first and then core 1 ??

    As per Memory map from datasheet ADSP-BF69 ,
    Core 0 = L1 instruction SRAM(64KB…

  • ADSP-BF609 with Video Decoder + Encoder


    I would like to buy ADSP-BF609 + EZ-Extender Video Decoder (ADZS-DECODEK-EX3)  + EZ-Extender Video Encoder.(ADZS-ENCODE-EX3)

    1. What board do I need to use? Ordering page ( http://www.analog.com/en/evaluation/eval-bf609-ez/eb.html ) shows two boards…

  • GPT - ADSP-BF609- overflow and rollover


    I had a doubt with respect to the rollover and overflow functionality in timers for ADSP-BF609, whether it rollovers to zero. And with respect to overflow, though it rolls over to zero why is that extra tick from 0 to 1 not accommodated and the value…

  • When does ADSP-BF609 support RTP/RTCP library?


         Now I am using ADSP-BF609 to develop net application base ADSP-BF609, but I found that there hasn't RTP/RTCP library base ADSP-BF609. Now I want to know when will BF609 support RTP/RTCP library? or Is there any RTP/RTCP library base other DSP…

  • ADC sample example for ADSP-BF609 EZKit


    Can you please provide some example for ADC in ADSP-BF609 EZkit

    THe SDK does not have any such example

  • ADSP-BF609 EZ-KIT - connect problem


    My customer have got The ADSP-BF609 EZ-KIT evaluation board and have a connect problem as describe below.

    1. They installed the CrossCore Embedded Studio release
    2. They installed ADI_ADSP-BF609_Evaluation_Board-Rel1.1.0
    3. Follow the…

    Hi, I have an ADSP-BF609 EZ-BOARD and am having issues with the SD/MMC interface.

    It works fine with regular SD cards of various sizes using the POST application but fails on MMC devices when detecting the 8-bit bus width.

    The POST detects that an MMC…

  • ADSP-BF609 Using External Serial SPI Flash

    Im using EZ-Lite debug agent(SADA2) .

    Im not clear in using the external serial Flash.I want to flash my code in external "serial flash" & run
    from internal RAM.

    I installed board support package "ADSP-BF609_Evaluation_Board-Rel1…

  • ADSP - bf609 GPT

    What is the significance of buffer registers in GPT module?? Especially usage of buffer register for "period "register??

  • ADSP BF609 Processor interfacing SD card timing issue


                I am trying to interface sd card with RSI controller in adsp bf609.SD card interfacing is going fine....writing and reading the image data from SD card is done..My application is taking input source from video decoder with frame rate of 25MHZ,resolution…