• Required IBIS model of ADSP-BF607

    As per verification, IBIS model downloaded from website is not working.

    Please provide IBIS model of ADSP-BF607.

  • RE: IBIS model is required for ADSP-BF607 Blackfin DSP

    Hi Urmi,

    We have IBIS model for ADSP-BF607. Please refer the IBIS model from below link.

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • Will ADSP-BF607 supports DDR2-800 WHICH WORKS AT 400MHz AT CYCLETIME OF 2.5ns?

                    Will ADSP-BF607 supports DDR2-800 WHICH WORKS AT 400MHz AT CYCLETIME OF 2.5ns?

  • Is the processror part number - ADSP-BF607 - support DDR2 With 2.5ns @ CL = 5 (DDR2-800)

    Dear All,

    Please let me know the maximum speed grade DDR can be supported by ADSP-BF607. Will this support DDR2- 800 speed grade.

    Thank you in advance.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • RE: Comparison between BF523 and BF607


    Please use the below parametric search link to compare the processors

    Also, you can look into the the ADSP-BF607 & ADSP-BF523 documentations from below webpage,

  • DDR2 connection BF607

    hi !

    I'm not sure if we need to use series damping terminators as shown in the ADSP-BF609 EvalBoard.

    We are very close to the DSP(BF607) - similar as shown in the eval board - and therefore I don't see the recommendation

    to use Rs(series resistors…

  • BF607 USB

    I am currently designing with BF607.  The USB function will not be used in my design.  Is it OK not to power the USB block (i.e. no supply to VDD_USB )?  Also, can I leave the unused USB I/O's floating?

  • BF607 eth com failure using CCES1.1.0

    Ether test code was dreivated from ADSP-BF609_Evaluation_Board-Rel1.0.2 for:

    1) Silicon BF607, rev0.2; CCES 1.1.0

    2) result communication failure: can't enter EMAC ISR after dive into driver at debugging

    Please help troubleshoot and confirm.

  • Change BF609 to BF607 in project

    Hello All!

    I have a custom board with ADSP BF609/BF607. I use the example from lwIP inetd directory. I add some code and it works on BF609. But I have some boards with BF607. So I change in project settings the processor, alslo change in file app.ldf…

  • BF607 NMI latency



    In my system I have an external signal that generates a pulse every 100us, connected to the NMI input pin of a BF607.
    I notice a latency of 1000ns between the falling edge of the incoming NMI trigger and the first line of code within the NMI…