• BF606 exception



    We trying to bootstrap our first custom board with bf606 processor.

    Board boots from SPI flash, but hangs immediately after first "rti" in basiccrt.S


    If I make simplest program, single line: "here: jmp here",

  • BF606 MMC version


    I'm trying to connect a NAND flash to the BF606.

    Does the RSI on BF60x supports the MMC 4.41 version ?



  • Can I disable NMI on bf606?

    In ADSP-BF60x Blackfin Hardware Reference,


    NMI Enable.

    The SEC_CCTLn.NMIENbit controls NMI propagation to the core.

    When the SEC_CCTLn.NMIENbit is enabled, the SCI allows NMIs to

    propagate to the core for servicing.


    Does it…

  • About BF606 dual-core communication problem


    I am evaluating BF606 as the core MCU of our product, can you answer these questions below?

    (1) how to ensure that the RAM with the same inter-core communication can be operated by one core without being operated by another?Is it a hardware implementation…

  • Does EPPI of BF606 support mux mode ?

    • The following figure shows output format of video decode.  Does EPPI of BF606 support the type data ?

  • Is bf606 and bf609 pin-to-pin compatible?

    I am pre-research BF606, I want sample,but distributor tell me only bf609 for sample.

    I want to know If bf606 and bf609 pin-to-pin compatible.I will design a PCB for bf606.

    And I found that there is no information about register address in bf60x Hardware…

  • Why does BF606 auto send CSW packet of USB?

    Purpose :

    I want delay period time between data packet and CSW packet of USB.

    Problem Description :

    Use USB explorer to view usb packet. find that USB explorer display CSW packet before system send CSW command on BF606.

    Executing same code on…

  • How to convert DSP type form BF609 to BF606 ?

    I want change DSP type in same code. DSP of the current project is BF609, but DSP of the next project is BF606. Both project use same code.

    I try that modify some project preferences. System run different results, when use same code in different DSP…

  • connect bf606 to ddr2 which has only ba0 and ba1

    I want to connect bf609 to k4t51163qi-hce7.

    I found bf609 has dmc0-ba0, dmc0-ba1, dmc0-ba2, but the ddr2 ram has only ba0 and ba1.

    Can i  leave dmc0-ba2 unconnected?

  • Does PPI of BF606 receive the video data that format is BT.1120 ?

    • DSP of system is BF606 and  format of output data of video decode ic is BT.1120.
    • Does PPI of BF606  receive the video data that format is BT.1120 ?