• Sport issue Between ADSP-SC587 and ADSP-BF561


    ADSP-SC587 interfaced with ADSP-BF561 through SPORT in our custom board, issue is when we set clock frequency 1 MHz communication between the processor is fine. But when we increase  the clock frequency, clock is getting deteriorated. Our requirement…

  • ADSP-BF561 Eval kit downloading error

    Hello Everyone,

    I am using ADSP-BF561 EZ-KLITE REV 2.3....

    When i am trying to download code in it its giving me error..

    error code is: 0x80044005

    sometimes it is:0x80048015(which is open device driver failed)

    please help me to recover from this…

  • Core access of same variables at the ADSP-BF561

    Question about the dual core Blackfin Processor ADSP-BF561: if the 2 cores are
    accessing the same variable, what happens ? or can each core run a different
    independent program?


    Each of the two cores can run different programs independent…
  • Visual DSP++ Load driver error (ADSP-BF561 Flash Driver)

    Do you know why I get this error when trying to load the ADSP-BF561 flash
    driver (C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP_4_0_new\Blackfin\Flash
    Programmer Drivers\ADSP-BF561 EZ-Kit Lite\BF561EzFlash.DXE)?

    "Load driver error" "error…
  • Information for MPEG-4 for the ADSP-BF561

    We are evaluating the ADSP-BF561 processor to perform D1 MPEG-4 compression. Do
    you have any information available on this?


    You can email systems.solutions@analog.com for information on this. As a
    reference, you can find MPEG4 example…
  • ADSP-BF561原装开发板的PCB图,非常难得

    ADI DSP ADSP-BF561原装开发板的PCB图,非常难得
    附件: ADI DSP ADSP-BF561原装开发板的PCB图,非常难得

  • ADSP-BF561中文资料无法下载, 为什么?

    ADSP-BF561中文资料无法下载, 为什么?资源库

  • ADSP-BF561 kit


    I need video tutorial links and training links for ADSP-BF561 Eval kit.

    Thanks for your support.



  • 2 video cameras to the video decoder on the ADSP-BF561 Evaluation board?

    Is it possible to connect 2 video cameras to the video decoder on the
    ADSP-BF561 Evaluation board?


    You should be able to make use of two video channels out of the ADV7183A, as
    input video sources to the ADSP-BF561 on the EZ-KIT board…
  • FAQ: Partitioning SDRAM on ADSP-BF561 and ADSP-BF609 in CCES


    The Startup Code/LDF settings in the System Configuration provide three options to partition SDRAM: "Custom", "Default", or "None". When selecting 'None' for the BF561/BF609 why do I receive this error?:…