• RE: BF547 EBIU_DDRCTL0 tREFI Calculation

    I need the EBIU settings for the ADSP-BF547. The settings that spread sheet shows does not include settings for the ADSP-BF547.

  • Verifying Correct XML File

    I need to verify whether the correct XML file is being used so the EBIU is initialized correctly. In the Session List it shows this Session Configuration for the Session I am using:

    Target: Blackfin Emulators/EZ Kit Lites

    Platform: ADSP-BF547 via USB…

  • RE: BF54x mobile DDR guidance

    Hi Tim,

    The suggested VDDDDR nominal voltage for mobile DDR on the BF54x is 1.875V. You can look at the operating conditions on page 34 of the ADSP-BF542/ADSP-BF544/ADSP-BF547/ADSP-BF548/ADSP-BF549 Blackfin Embedded Processor Data Sheet (Rev C, 02/2010…

  • USB Power for the ADSP-BF547

    I am using the BF548 EZ Kit as a reference design for a BF547 based system I am designing. On page 118 of


    what is the point of the jumper at pins 1 & 3 at…

  • Mutex Release - Acquisition Latency

    In VDK what is the maximum latency between the release of a mutex object and its acquisition in another thread that has been blocked on it?

    The processor is the ADSP-BF547.

  • Create Semaphores Only in the Kernel Tab?

    I see in the Kernel tab a way to create Semaphores. In a VDK project should this be the only way to create them or is the use of CreateSemaphore() in the code also an option?

    IDE is: VisualDSP++ 5.0 Update 10.1

    uP is: ADSP-BF547

  • Internal Voltage Regulator in BF547 600MHz


    The datasheet states that "Use of an internal voltage regulator is not supported on automotive grade and 600 MHz speed grade models." for the BF547. However, the internal regulator works fine in our ADSP-BF547-KBCZ-6A, without the ability to adjust…

  • RE: VDDMP on BF548


    If you are using MXVR the ferrite bead and capacitance are recommended in the MXVR Board Layout Guidelines section of the ADSP-BF542/ADSP-BF544/ADSP-BF547/ADSP-BF548/ADSP-BF549 Blackfin Embedded Processor Data Sheet . If you aren't using MXVR, then…

  • AD7606 Connections to ADSP-BF547 EPPI

  • RE: Help needed in selecting a Blackfin Evaluation Module that will support dual camera

    Hackfin is correct.

    If you wish to have dedicated parallel interfaces to support 2 cameras AND have native USB support, the BF54x series of Blackfin processor would be the recommended path.  All but the ADSP-BF542 have the two 16-bit PPIs.  Specifically…