• RE: BF54x mobile DDR guidance

    Hi Tim,

    The suggested VDDDDR nominal voltage for mobile DDR on the BF54x is 1.875V. You can look at the operating conditions on page 34 of the ADSP-BF542/ADSP-BF544/ADSP-BF547/ADSP-BF548/ADSP-BF549 Blackfin Embedded Processor Data Sheet (Rev C, 02/2010…

  • BSDL file for BF54x

    I noticed that there is only one BSDL file for the ADSP-BF549 processor. Where can I find a BSDL file for the other members of the BF54x family such as the BF542/544/547/548?

  • RE: VDDMP on BF548


    If you are using MXVR the ferrite bead and capacitance are recommended in the MXVR Board Layout Guidelines section of the ADSP-BF542/ADSP-BF544/ADSP-BF547/ADSP-BF548/ADSP-BF549 Blackfin Embedded Processor Data Sheet . If you aren't using MXVR, then…

  • RE: Help needed in selecting a Blackfin Evaluation Module that will support dual camera

    Hackfin is correct.

    If you wish to have dedicated parallel interfaces to support 2 cameras AND have native USB support, the BF54x series of Blackfin processor would be the recommended path.  All but the ADSP-BF542 have the two 16-bit PPIs.  Specifically…

  • 3 x EEPI on ADSP-BF548 processors?

    In my ADSP-BF548 design, is it possible to aquire data from 3 CMOS sensors
    using the three EPPI ports with dedicated DMA channels?


    Yes, that is possible with the following data width restrictions in mind: EPPI0
    up to 18-bits, EPPI1…
  • CCES example of BF524 / BF542

    One of my clients is reviewing the BF542 for a new project.

    She has programmed the BF524 with VDSP and is now switching to CCES.

    In other words, need the CCES example of the existing BF524 and the newly reviewed BF542.

    The necessary materials are BF524…

  • BF54x usb driver hang when unplug USB stick

    • My project use custom board with BF542
    • the project use none OS, and use ADI usb drivers
    • BF542 is config as USB host

    While BF542 is writing data to USB stick, the program will hang if the USB stick was unplugged.

    The program will hang on a while…

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  • Can BF542 support simultaneous 4:2:2 video in and video out?

    It seems that BF542 has two EPPIs, but their pins overlap. Can they be used simultaneously to support 4:2:2 video in and video out?

  • how to init bf542 ddr sdram?


    I use 4 * 64MB SDRAM devices to get 256MB DDR  memory. Each bank has 2 SDRAM.

    But I can only access  the first 64MB  of bank0. When I access the second 64MB of bank0, there is a warning msg:"External

    memory is disabled for this region of memory…