• RE: BF539 on board programming

    Hello Edwin,

    Not sure what is this hex file you mentioned above. Is this a bootloader  (loader file) of your application running on BF539? If you are using VisualDSP++ tools it can be programmed using flash programmed utility available in the Tools. 

  • Some problem about Linking DSP Library

    Hello ,


    I'm working on BF549 ,  after compile and link , I read the file(.map.xml) in the Debug fold,   I find many libdsp532.dlb  in L1_CODE memory, it takes so many space that My program code have to move to sdram.


    I read the PDF (VisualDSP…

  • RE: Speech recognition

    The HFCK platform is an obsoleted platform that was co-developed between ADI and a 3rd party.  It is not supported by ADI, and the link that you found is an artifact that should have been removed from our site a long time ago.  Please accept our apologies…

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  • duty cycle of the clock

    Does the duty cycle of the clock need to have the ratio of 1:1?
    We want to generate a signal with 16,384MHz which looks like:

    40,7ns > 10ns      25ns < 61ns < 100ns
    |____|   ____    ____   |____   |____
    |    |  |    |  |    |  |    |  |    |
    |    |  |    |  |   
  • Programmable Flags option disabled

    I recently up gradded to Visual DSP++ 5.1.2 from 5.0.0 and the programmable flags option in the Program options, Load options is not available. How do I configure a loader file for HWAIT for a SPI slave boot mode? The option should be available for the…

  • Using Simulink to generate Code for BF518F

    1. I In the Embedded IDE Link library of Simulink there is support for BF522 to BF539, but not for BF518F. Is one of them similar, so that i can use its properties? Do I have a chance, that BF518F will be supported there some day?

    2. I can find blocks…

  • RE: Code to Flash - BF512F - Booting from internal flash

    Hi Quintin,

    Thanks for the update. Do get back to us if we can offer any help.

    Also sorry for the confusion caused due to documentation. If possible, can you please point that?

    I guess, you have referred documentation for BF50xF (or BF538/BF539) processor…

  • RE: Re 19394 - using InitCode to decrypt code when copying from flash to L1, L2, SDRAM

    As per my understanding the loader utility offers a ldr file compression for BF53x processors (excluding BF538 and BF539) --known as zLib. The VDSP installation directory provides init codes for decompressing compressed boot stream for these processors…

  • RE: gstack-like utility


    I'm not sure how useful this is but from VisualDSP++ Update 9 we added support for detecting when an application's stack size increases beyond its allocated size. You will find more information on page 9-8 of the attached Release Note for Update…