• changing from bf536 to bf537

    We have recently changed our processor from a bf536 to a bf537, and encountered some difficulties, largly in addressing external memory .  I am told there may be an initialisation file in the environment application which will require changing.  Does anyone…

  • BF536 assembler warning ea1226

    I'm moving a project targetting BF536rev2.0 from VDSP4.5 to 5.0 and now get assembler warning ea1226 (anomaly 05000371) for each file in the project ...

    [Warning ea1226]  05000371: The specified anomaly ID does not exist in the specified (or default…

  • RE: Ethernet on blackfin 536


    I assume you are running the code on the ADI EZ-Kit and not a custom board and that you are trying with an example project available with the VDSP/LWIP installation.

    The example project with the VDSP installation is for BF537 and there are a few…

  • Internal MAC errors detected on BF536


    We are using an Ethernet PHY (KSZ8081MNX) with a BF536 and we have an issue with packets that are sometimes not sent on the network. We are able to sent packets, however sometimes some packets are not sent and the TX_MACE bit of the EMAC_TX_STKY Register…

  • 2008-08-18 23:33:30     uClinux for BF536 crashes on boot

    2008-08-18 23:33:30     uClinux for BF536 crashes on boot

    Harvey Sugar (UNITED STATES)

    Message: 60619   

    I am trying to get uClinux to run on a simple BF536 based board.  I download the image via TFTP using uBoot.  Then boot the image via bootelf.  The image…

  • RE: System Services Library BF534 (BRAEMAR)

    Hi Colin,

    You are right, adi_flag_GetInterruptMask() is missing the complete data for BF537 series:-


    #if defined(__ADSP_BRAEMAR__) // BF534, BF536, BF537

    if (PeripheralID == ADI_INT_PORTFG_A) {

    pRegister = pPort->MaskAData;

    } else {


  • 2009-09-08 03:32:04     BF536 can4linux Send Error

    2009-09-08 03:32:04     BF536 can4linux Send Error

    david wang (CHINA)

    Message: 79666   

    Hi, all

      I'm working on a bf536 board, it's running at 300MHZ cclk and 100MHZ sclk. I compiled the kernel and rootfs with can4linux driver and can_test. I put 2 modules…

  • RE: Ethernet TX_CRS_CNT

    No, I meant that my code sent 1727 packets, I saw 1727 on wireshark but the BF536 saw only 2 with TX_OK and the other 1725 reported as TX_ABORT.

  • RE: BF536 hangs on reboot after flash operation

    Hi Jon, may I ask what's the software version you are using for the BF536, and with a default clean release, can you have this issue replicated?

  • Blackfin BF536 SPI Booting Failures

    I have a Blackfin BF536 processor set up to load the program from an external SPI memory chip. A test stand program is initially loaded on the memory chip, and the Blackfin boots the program from the memory chip with no problems. However, the regular…