• power-up sequencing for giving 3.3V and 1.2 V input supplies to ADSP-BF536/7

    I am using a dual supply LDO regulator with power-up sequencing
    for giving 3.3V and 1.2 V input supplies to ADSP-BF536/7. This regulator has a
    power up sequence and gives 3.3V o/p first and 1.2V follows. Do you see any
    problem with this…
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  • RE: compress and decompress in VisualDSP++


    From the tools perspective, the Loader supports compression using the ZLib compression engine for some of the older Blackfin processors (BF53x), with example decompression DXEs and further information available in the VisualDSP++ installation under…

  • Some problem about Linking DSP Library

    Hello ,


    I'm working on BF549 ,  after compile and link , I read the file(.map.xml) in the Debug fold,   I find many libdsp532.dlb  in L1_CODE memory, it takes so many space that My program code have to move to sdram.


    I read the PDF (VisualDSP…

  • 2008-02-22 04:21:48     WM8731 CODEC for BF536

    2008-02-22 04:21:48     WM8731 CODEC for BF536

    C.C Lu (TAIWAN)

    Message: 51496    Does wm8731 driver support BF536 in 2008r1?

    The bf5xx-pcm.c misses bf5xx_ac97_pcm32_to_frame and bf5xx_ac97_frame_to_pcm32.

    I copy it from bf5xx-ac97.c, then it can compile…

  • Does the BF537 really have 3 16-bit MACs?

    According to the datasheet for the BF537/BF534/BF536 each chip is able to support three 16-bit MACs, but the Analog Devices spreadsheet comparison tool states:

    BF534     500MHz     1000MMACS

    BF536     400MHz     800MMACS

    In fact, the details for the BF537 are all…

  • 2006-09-27 05:25:32     BF536 versus BF537

    2006-09-27 05:25:32     BF536 versus BF537

    Peter Nielsen (DENMARK)

    Message: 14000    Hi

    I am planning to use the BF536 due to it's lower cost price.

    I plan to design the HW like BF537 STAMP board.

    I know that MHZ is lower and it has lower RAM -

  • RE: About Blackfin SPI Boot

    OK. Thanks! So you mean that the bf536/537 could not boot from 32MB spi flash, right?

    If so, do ADI have a chip upgrade plan which can let bf536/537 support 32MB SPI flash?

  • Internal MAC errors detected on BF536


    We are using an Ethernet PHY (KSZ8081MNX) with a BF536 and we have an issue with packets that are sometimes not sent on the network. We are able to sent packets, however sometimes some packets are not sent and the TX_MACE bit of the EMAC_TX_STKY Register…

  • How to use HTTP_Server in BF536?


    How can I port the Web server example in the VisualDSP++ to my BF536 board? the example is originally port for BF537.

    I have refered the EE-315 document to  change the PHY driver for my PHY chip;

    then I open the Web server example project grou…