• Visual DSP++ Examples Folder Doesn't Have ADSP-BF532 EZ-KIT Lite

    Hello there,

    I am working on a project using BF532. I tried to use Visual DSP++'s stand alone flash programmer, but there is no ADSP-BF532 EZ-KIT Lite in the examples folder. Is there anyway for me to download it somewhere? Or is there any alternative…

  • Timer Programming using ADSP-Bf532

    Hi, I need an code to generate an 1sec pulse using timers without interrupt on ADSP-BF532 to blink an LED.

  • RE: ABOUT ADSP-BF531/BF532/BF533 SILICON ANOMALIES----05000277


    Please refer the Page No:3/35 of the ADSP-BF531/BF532/BF533 anomaly sheet.

    Key: x = anomaly exists in revision . = Not applicable

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • ADSP BF532: Strange result from space_unused()


    I have custom board with two bf532 on it - one is “master” another is “slave”. There is intensive communication between them in command-response manner. Every 50mS or so a packet (between 20-1000 bytes in size) is receved/transmitted from two fifos…

  • 2011-04-30 05:45:45     [ADSP-BF532] SIOCSIFADDR: No such device?

    2011-04-30 05:45:45     [ADSP-BF532] SIOCSIFADDR: No such device?

    Gilles Ganault (FRANCE)

    Message: 100321   


    Without necessarily really knowing what I'm doing, I successfully compiled uClinux-dist 2010 for the ADSP-BD532-based BlackfinOne board…

  • ADSp-BF532: I wish to read the odd 8bit registers must I always

    I wish to read the odd 8bit registers must I always read the even then use the
    upper 8bits since I can't address the next
    byte directly?


    No, you do not have to access 16-bits and then ignore 8-bits when accessing
    locations in…
  • Unable to write UART_THR Register in BF532 (UART in BF532)


         I am new at blackfin.

    I have a custom bf532 board with SPI, NAND and SDRAM.

    I am using vdsp to send some data on UART. Using emulator/vdsp I can see that my write to UART_THR Register doesnot effect the register status.And nothing is appearing…

  • RE: BF532 in SPI slave mode


    yes, it is possible to boot from SPI in slave mode.

    init_code is only required, if you need to initialize the SDRAM controller during boot time.

    Which init_code are you using? The one coming with VisualDSP++ ("Blackfin\ldr\ezkitBF533_initcode.dxe…

  • [#4738] Git Trunk Kernel Detects BF532 Incorrectly

    [#4738] Git Trunk Kernel Detects BF532 Incorrectly

    Submitted By: Ben Matthews

    Open Date

    2008-12-22 17:19:23     Close Date

    2009-04-08 22:17:40


    Medium     Assignee:

    Robin Getz


    Closed     Fixed In Release:


    Found In Release:


  • Blackfin BF532 information

    Hi to everybody it might concern with this.I am a Ph.D candidate and i want to build a laboratory prototype for power electronics.My supervisor prof gave me  a BF532 DSP ez-kit to work with, in order to measure 6 analog signals of 0-3.3 Volts and afterwards…