• Visual DSP++ Examples Folder Doesn't Have ADSP-BF532 EZ-KIT Lite

    Hello there,

    I am working on a project using BF532. I tried to use Visual DSP++'s stand alone flash programmer, but there is no ADSP-BF532 EZ-KIT Lite in the examples folder. Is there anyway for me to download it somewhere? Or is there any alternative…

  • Timer Programming using ADSP-Bf532

    Hi, I need an code to generate an 1sec pulse using timers without interrupt on ADSP-BF532 to blink an LED.

  • RE: ABOUT ADSP-BF531/BF532/BF533 SILICON ANOMALIES----05000277


    Please refer the Page No:3/35 of the ADSP-BF531/BF532/BF533 anomaly sheet.

    Key: x = anomaly exists in revision . = Not applicable

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • 2011-04-30 05:45:45     [ADSP-BF532] SIOCSIFADDR: No such device?

    2011-04-30 05:45:45     [ADSP-BF532] SIOCSIFADDR: No such device?

    Gilles Ganault (FRANCE)

    Message: 100321   


    Without necessarily really knowing what I'm doing, I successfully compiled uClinux-dist 2010 for the ADSP-BD532-based BlackfinOne board…

  • Connecting two ADV7184 to one PPI of the ADSP-BF533_2_1

    How to connect two ADV7184 to processor ADSP-BF532 for synchronius work of two
    decoders in 8-bit mode?
    Whether it is possible to connect two codecs to PPI port?
    How to synchronize two videostreams via field/frame synchronisation?


    This is not…

  • ADSp-BF532: I wish to read the odd 8bit registers must I always

    I wish to read the odd 8bit registers must I always read the even then use the
    upper 8bits since I can't address the next
    byte directly?


    No, you do not have to access 16-bits and then ignore 8-bits when accessing
    locations in…
  • ADSP-B532 need supported.

    Hi guy,

    We have a product based-on ADSP-BF532. Many year before it's work fine. But all ADSP-BF532 chips which we buy in this year, it's not work.

    We try to test by the way replace old chip which by in 2019, my product worked.

    My product run uClinux…

  • [#4738] Git Trunk Kernel Detects BF532 Incorrectly

    [#4738] Git Trunk Kernel Detects BF532 Incorrectly

    Submitted By: Ben Matthews

    Open Date

    2008-12-22 17:19:23     Close Date

    2009-04-08 22:17:40


    Medium     Assignee:

    Robin Getz


    Closed     Fixed In Release:


    Found In Release:


  • the difference between ADSP-21363KBCZ-1AA and ADSP-21369

    Hello ADI Colleagues,

    One of our customers would like to update their hardware with ADSP-21369 to replace ADSP-21363KBCZ-1AA. Do they need to modify their hardware and software?


    Thanks & Best regards,

    xiangzhi wu

  • RE: Unable to write UART_THR Register in BF532 (UART in BF532)

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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