Please refer the Page No:3/35 of the ADSP-BF531/BF532/BF533 anomaly sheet.

    Key: x = anomaly exists in revision . = Not applicable

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • RE: ADSP-BF531, program for SPI FLASH booting

    I agree with Yuriy that this memory device looks to be fully interchangeable with the previous one.  From the processor perspective, the same SPI boot ROM code will execute, so the only questions in terms of compatibility would be any customizations that…

  • debug bf531 in cces


         recently i began to learn cces,i use newproject wizard create a new bf531projec step by step. My

    bf531 pcb has 32M PC-133 sdram,so i use external memory in start code/ldf tab. The project compiles successfully, but when i debug it, it…

  • bf531 sdram


      my pcb is  using  bf531 ,when i emulate it , found that the EBIU_SDSTAT's vlalue is 0x0009 after reset(should be 0x0008),and my sdram can't work correctly,why? i think it's chip's problem..

  • BF531+CY68013


    Does anyone know how to connect BF531 with CY68013 (slave FIFO), please note PPI connect with a CMOS sensor, and a SDRAM links to EBIU already.

    And, the clock to CY68013 is a stable frequence from 33MHz to 48MHz, and the data exchange rate between…

  • BF531 Sleep Mode

    Dear all,

    I am just trying to set the BF531 on Sleep Mode but I am facing some problems.

    I am able to set it on Deep Sleep Mode with next instructions:

    uwIMASK_reg = cli();

    *pLL_CTL |= PDWN;



    The board main current consumption…

  • BF531 SDRAM interface

    Hi ,

    I am thinking using 2 32 Mbyte X 16 SDRAM with BF531 , is this possible .

    For the chip select use a FPGA for controlling using SRAS , SCAS and A14 .

    Planing to access

    0x00000000 to 0x03FFFFFF on first SDRAM and

    0x04000000 to 0x7FFFFFF on…

  • BF531 Power Consumption


    I have few question in the BF531 external power(VddEXT) estimation based on EE note EE229.

    1) while calculating the power for sport how many pins i need to taken in to account? either only clock signals are including data lines?

    2) At based on…

  • Strange bf531 jtag problem

    Hey i am working some hardware containing the bf531 chip and i have been trying to get the jtag port working for a couple days now. It seems that the TDO pin has somehow been disabled as all i can really see is a 9ms pulse that seems to ring a lot. Is…

  • ISP1760 problem on BF531

    Hello,I am using the ISP1760  on BF531 with the latest blackfin uclinux which released on www.blackfin.uclinux.org .

    But  I use the AMS2 to access ISP1760, I can get the right ID 0x11761 ,and the scratch test always success!

    But when the usb core using…