• ADSP-BF526 - Second SPI Bus Interface


    I hoping you can help me with a question concerning the ADSP-BF526.

    I'm building an interface board for the ADSP-BF526 EX-board, with a uP, which will control the DSP via SPI. I'd also like the DSP to control an ADC via SPI. Since this requires…



    we have a EZ-KIT Lite ADSP-BF526 and we are developing a firmware for this plataform.

    At the begining we found some issues during the flashing process, but we have learned it.

    But, after a period of time, the board stops flashing and we don't figure…

  • ADSP-BF526 Reset pin


    I am currently using ADSP-BF526 in one of my designs. For this I referred ADSP-BF526_ezboard_man_rev.1.2 Schematics. In the Schematics it shown that the reset pin of DSP is getting reset from reset_3V. this is 3.3V signal. All the supplies VDD_INT…

  • ADSP-BF526 EZ-board SPI/SPORT Interfaces

    Hi there,

    I'm using the ADSP-BF526 EZ-board and am building an Interface board using the EZ board's expansion interface.

    I'm using P2 and P3 connectors of the expansion interface (sheet 12 on the schematic - see attached pic). I'd like to use…

  • ADSP-BF526 Vil-Vol-Vh-Voh levels

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    I am designing a board using ADSP-BF526 (400Mhz).

    For the same I used the reference of the ADSP eval board as mentioned on the site.

    For Booting the memories provided are M58WR032KB, NAND02G, MT48H32M16 and SST25WF040.

    Mentioned below…

  • ADSP-BF526 EZ-Board - 12-bit Data Input

    Hi Again, thought I should pose this as a question.. My plan is to build up a daughter board containing a 40MHz 12-bit ADC and feed the 12-bit parallel digital output data into the DSP via the expansion interface II of the ADSP-BF526 EZ-Board. Is my best…

  • ADSP-BF526 EZ-Board Sport Interface

    Hi, quick question regarding the above dev kit. I see that the P2 expansion header has an SPORT interface - which pins can be used with this interface? I couldn't see any clear definition in the user manual.

    Many Thanks,


  • How to interface my AD9629-40EZ with the ADSP-BF526 EZ-KIT?


    I have an AD9629-40EZ evaluation board and I would like to implement DSP on the output by using the ADSP-BF526 EZ-KIT lite. The ADC will sample at MHz. Could the Expansion Interface II on the ADSP-BF526 EZ-kit provide the interface for this? or will…

  • Crosscore, ADSP-BF526, Section directive, Cycle Counter Macros


    I've sucessfully moved a VDSP 5.0 driver to Crosscore; but, have a few remaining issues for which I could use some guidance.

    1. I am trying to create an internal memory section called "internal_code" and locate some routines.The directive section…

  • BF526 Package part number error

    Looking at our BF526-EZBRD the part number printed on the package is ADSP-BF526KBCZENGA and the part is clearly the 17x17mm 208 ball BGA. The BOM in the EZBRD reference manual also corresponds to this part number. However the data sheet(rev b) list's…