• Blackfin Processor (ADSP-BF525) Schematic Reference

    Hello there, 

    I have been using the SDP_H1 Host board from ADI, which contains both the FPGA and Blackfin processor. 

    After conducting experimental tests, I am convinced to use the Blackfin processor on one of my future designs. However, I was wondering if…

  • USB power negotiation on a Blackfin ADSP-BF525

    I'm trying to find details on if it is possible for the ADSP-BF525 to negotiate with the USB controller to state that it is a high power device and ask for 500mA instead of the standard 100mA?

    Is this possible?



  • Using SPI:ATMEL45DB161E  please tel me it will support for ADSP-BF525


       We are using the ADSP-BF525 ,SPI:ATMEL45DB161D read and  write source code it is working.Now we are using the  SPI:ATMEL45DB161E  so please tel me it will support for ADSP-BF525,if it support please send me the source code for the read and write.

  • BOOTFLASH:SPI:AT45DB321D-SU 32 MB,so please tel me 32 mb will be support for ADSP-BF525


       We are using the ADSP-BF525,We already have SPI :AT45DB161D 16 mb  bootflash source code it is working .Now we are plannig to use SPI:AT45DB321D-SU 32 MB,so please tel me 32 mb will be support for ADSP-BF525, if it support please send me the any…

  • [BF525] Hibernate


    I want the Blackfin to enter the hibernate state and be able to wake up again. So far entering hibernation works and waking up too. But I'm not sure about what MMRs I have to save before entering hibernate.

    All L1 "data" is copied to external…

  • USB on BF525


    I am using the USB application(bluk redirect io) which has given in  Analog devices.  And  we are also using the TWI on Bf525. After configuring the USB TWI is not working properly means if i want to write the data through the  TWI to a device TWI is…

  • TIMERs  on BF525


    We are using BF525 processor in our application, where we are configuring the timer0  for every 10msec as a  free running timer and also we are configuring the pg9 as input interrupt..  What is happening is it is always stucking in the timer interrupt…

  • UART on BF525


    I am using bf525 processor(our own board). I want to send some data to bill serial and receive the data  back.  we are sing UART1. we are using Pf14/pf15 to transmit and recive operations. We are using DMA mode for this(DMA10/DMA11).  but i am not able…

  • BF525 pinout question

    In the ADSP-BF52x Data Sheet for the 289 CSP_BGA pin assignments, pins T17 and U17 are shown as VDDext. 

    In the ADSP-BF527 EZ-Kit Lite schematic they are named "EVDD_VREG" and "EVDD_VREG_N" and are connected to the 3.3V regulator output.…

  • RE: USB On BF525


    We are using bf525 processor..We want to use the USB on BF525 to send and receive the data from host. I am runninning the example code given in the path

    \Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\Blackfin\Examples\ADSP-BF527 EZ-KIT Lite\Drivers\usb\bulk_redirect_io_app…