• ADSP-BF524-proc

    Hi , I compiled the ADV7625 Evaluation Board source code on BF524 project,and get many errors like “External
    memory not enabled", is there anyone can send me the file ADSP-BF524-proc.xml to correct this error?

    Best regards.

  • EMC problem with ADSP BF524


       I have just finished a product using ADSP BF524 that works nicely except that it fails emission tests with peaks at 480, 720 and 960MHz. Using sniffer probes I am pretty sure this stems from the high speed USB interface. The USB lines are 80mm long…

  • ADSP-BF524's NFC HW ECC algorithm

    Dear all,

    I'm interested in what specific ECC algorithm is used inside the NFC of ADSP-BF524.

    Can I find its software implementation somewhere?


  • Interfacing ADSP-BF524 with Spartan6 FPGA using SPORT0


    I am currently working with the ADSP-BF524 DSP and I am trying to interface it with a Spartan6 FPGA via the PAVPipe board. As shown in the PAVPipe schematics, it can be connected to the BF524 through the SPORT pins ( TFS0A,TSCLK0A,DTOPR1A and…

  • ADSP-BF524 Does not respond to USBHSET TEST_PACKET

    I am trying to perform device high speed USB signal quality testing on a product that uses the ADSP-BF524.  Using the USB-IF High SPeed Electrical Test Tool (HSETT), I can enumerate the bus and perform some functions on the DSP.  However, the TEST_PACKET…

  • ADSP-BF524 UART CTS RTS support and pin selection limitations

    I want to implement a UART channel using UART1 of the BF524.  I need TX, RX, as well as the flow control CTS, and RTS signals.  I see that the TX and RX pins are on PORT F

    Here’s my question: Can I implement the CTS and RTS functions on any spare pin of…

  • RE: BF524 SDRAM configuration

    OK, you've got me a lot closer, but I don't know how to fix it. The instruction circled is the first instruction that loads an address in the 0xFB...... range in any of the registers. (and eventually dies). I looked at the data located at the address…

  • Blackfin BF524

    I have a customer using the BF524.  They are running audio over USB.  They need to transport 3 channel of audio down to the USB and 2 channes out from the USB.  They tell me there is support for 2 channels in/ 2 out in the VDSP tool.  They have little firmware…

  • BF524  customization files


    I have board oriignally designed for BF527, but due to certain reasons we had to move project to BF524.

    We have left however original memory as it is on the Blackfin reference schematic (MT48LC16M16A2P).

    How should I adopt customization EBIU writes…

  • Watchdog of BF524


    I am trying to use the watchdog functionality on BF524.

    When the watchdog expires, i can see that the control transfers to main again.

    But i am interested in loading the application again from the flash into sdram.

    My understanding is that…