• Visual DSP++ 5.0 ADSP-BF516 problem

    Hello everyone,

    I am a newbie in MCU programming, and my English level is not so good, but I hope that I can find a help here.


    Cannot build a project for ADSP-BF516 via Visual DSP++ 5.0 (update9 or update10 are not installed).


  • I have a question about compatibility with adsp-bf516

    I have a question while using analog device products. 

    I was using adsp-bf516 and ice-100b. 

    I wonder if the ice-1000 is compatible.

  • RE: BF516 and LAN 8700 interface

    Hi Slava,

    Please see my reply on your other thread, here: Visual DSP++ 5.0 ADSP-BF516 problem



  • bf516+micrel8021


    I faced with strange behavior of ethernet on my own designed board: sometimes it works, sometimes not. Bf516's MAC connected via RMII with micrel8021. It is not a problem of linux or uboot, because it happends any time. Main problem (as tcpdump…

  • BF516: PPI dma

    I've move this question from uclinux thread.


    I have own board with bf516 and fpga connected to PPI bus. CMOS sensor thar connected to fpga produces syncs : frame sync, line sync and clk. This signals are present normal at blackfin pins (21,25…

  • PGO Linker (BF516)

    System Info:

    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

    Service Pack 1

    VDSP Product version:, IDDE Ver (July 5, 2011).


    I read about the PGO linker in this article:


  • Statistical Profiler (BF516)

    I'm using the statistical profiler in VisualDSP++ 5.0 Update 8 to profile some code.

    On the left side of the statistical profiler window, the "Execution Unit" column contains duplicates of the same function. This is confusing. Why does this happen…

  • Recommend WiFi for BF516



    We'd like to include WiFi on one of our BF516 devices. I'm in doubt as to what I should present to my hw colleagues though.


    We want something that:

    - works in Linux (It should integrate with the existing TCP/IP stack. I know you…

  • Is it possible to make flash memory dump over JTAG on BF516?


    My processor is ADSP-BF516.

    I found some area of flash memory has damage.

    So, I want try to make flash memory dump for find damaged area.

    Is it possible to make flash memory dump over JTAG on BF516?

    I found some keyword is "flash programmer".…

  • bf516 network sometimes become very slow


          My  product solution is to use bf516 v0.2 work under uClinux environment. The phy device is smsc 8710. This product has been manufactured three years ago no attention to network issue, recently I discovered a problem with the network.When product…